Mario & Allison

Our names are Mario and Allison and we live in the foothills of Orange County, California. As we sit down to write this letter to you, we are ecstatic at the possibility of welcoming a little boy or girl into our family. Our hearts have known the joy of welcoming a child through birth; however we know that God builds families in many different ways. He has surrounded us with friends that have adopted children domestically and internationally and we have seen that, although the process is different, the joy in receiving the gift of a child is still the same no matter how the child is brought into a family. Every child is a gift from the Lord.

We have been longing for another child for almost eight years and it is by God’s grace that we walk forward in confidence knowing adoption is the path that He has chosen for us in our desire to grow our family. It is our hope that the information shared in this letter would help you to know a little bit about who we are. It is impossible, however, for us to overlook that you must be experiencing a wide range of emotions and feelings while you are reading these words. As you consider what is best for both you and your child, we are praying for you. Our family is praying that God would give you the wisdom, strength, and peace that you need during this time.

Both of us were born and raised in Southern California; however we didn’t meet until attending the University of Oregon in pursuit of our undergraduate degrees. After falling in love and, by God’s grace, faithfully enduring a long distance relationship for four years, we said, “I do” in 2002. With great joy we welcomed a little girl into our family four years later and have fully enjoyed the adventure of parenting! After 13 years of marriage, we remain deeply in love and faithfully committed to one another. We realize daily that our ability to love each other is rooted in Christ’s love for us.

Growing up, Mario and his family lived in the San Fernando Valley. He is 45 years old and the youngest of three brothers who are all first generation Americans. Mario graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master’s Degree in special education. For the past 12 years he has enjoyed teaching elementary students with special needs and currently works at a school about 15 minutes from our home.

Mario has a strong desire to help his students learn and demonstrates great patience and creativity when working with them. He especially has a passion for his students to become fluent readers. The Lord has also molded Mario into a kind, caring, and compassionate father. When our daughter Jaidyn was born, via a C-section, he jumped into the role of “daddy” exceptionally well. While Allison healed, Mario’s help was essential. He changed diapers, burped, swaddled, and soothed her like a pro. He still amazes Allison everyday with the love and joy that he has in being a father. He has loads more love, joy, and silliness to share with our next child.

Allison is 38 years old and grew up in Orange County, California. She loved growing up with her identical twin sister and two younger brothers. Allison has longed for Jaidyn to have someone to share in life’s adventures, just like she did. While growing up, Allison learned to sing and play various instruments including the piano and guitar. Allison enjoys sharing her love of music with Jaidyn and also uses her gifts to lead worship for the women’s ministry at their church. In addition to being a loving and caring wife and mother, Allison has a graduate degree in physical therapy. She currently works part-time as a school-based pediatric physical therapist. With her rolling cart of toys, she travels from school to school, helping children with special needs become more functional and independent. Allison’s work schedule is very flexible and since she works in the same school district as Mario, they get all the same vacation time. Her schedule has allowed her to be home and care for Jaidyn as much as possible and will allow her to be home and care for our next child as well. Allison is planning to take time off when the Lord blesses us with another little one.

Jaidyn is 9 years old and is a sweet blessing to our family. Her radiant smile and warm heart lights up any room she is in. She is doing very well in school and is an avid reader. Over the years, she has participated in various recreational activities including gymnastics, ballet, and soccer, but recently has been enjoying taking tennis and martial arts classes. Jaidyn also loves animals. She will often be found cuddling with our dog, Toby, and reading a book.

Jaidyn easily makes friends with everyone she meets, but certainly has a tender place in her heart towards babies and younger children. She can’t wait to have a brother or sister to read stories and sing silly songs with! The Lord has given her such a kind and nurturing spirit we know that she will make a great big sister.

Family time is very important to us. We love being together! Several activities we enjoy include camping, hiking, road trips, going to the beach, park, or zoo, playing games, and cuddling on the couch to watch movies or cheer on our Oregon Ducks football team. You can often find our family serving together at our local church throughout the week. We have dinner together almost every night and love sharing stories about our day with each other. After dinner we have family devotion time where we read the Bible, worship, and pray. It is during this time that we have prayed the Lord would bless us with another child. We trust that God has heard our prayers and are waiting on His good timing.

Although we do not know the circumstances that have brought you to read this letter, we do know that God is Sovereign and in control over all that has taken place. Though we may never understand His ways, we trust that God is working out His good and perfect plan in your life and in ours as well. We are thankful for your courage. You are choosing life for your child and choosing to give a family a precious gift.

Do you know that you are an answer to prayer? Maybe you are the answer to our family’s prayers. Thank you for considering us to love and cherish your child as our own.

Grace and peace to you,

Mario & Allison