Dave & Alexis

Dear Birth Parent,

We wish we could greet you with a hug and a simple, friendly “hello,” and get to know you a little better like anyone we were meeting for the first time. We want to start by saying thank you – thank you for the courageous and selfless decision you are making to place your child for adoption. While we do not know much about you, we do know that you are brave, that you are caring, and that we deeply respect you because of the decision you are making. We believe that all children are a miracle from God, and we deeply want to share in this miracle with you.

For as long as Alexis can remember, she wanted to adopt a child. Her favorite uncle was adopted, and her desire to adopt only grew as she started a career in non-profit work where she saw so many children and families in need. She dreamed that one day she would have the kind of family that would be a warm, loving and nurturing home for an adopted child to thrive in. In so many ways, her dreams came true when she married David who is equally passionate about building their family through adoption. We have a biological son, Micah, who is two years old, and we cannot wait to welcome a little brother into our world!

David is the BEST dad. He never phones anything in; if we are having a dance party, David is dancing. If we are wrestling, David is on the floor. If we are taking the dog on a walk, he’s walking with us. If he is reading to Micah, he’s making all the crazy animal noises even after a long day at work. David is a gifted leader at his job in corporate finance. David has been a big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters for over eight years. His little bro, Jose, is part of our family. Jose does not have a father, and he has told David that he is the closest thing he has ever known to a dad. David was recognized as Big Brother of the year in Orange County a few years ago.

Alexis’ parents instilled a love of service in her when she was little. While she was in college, she decided she wanted to become an attorney because that was the best way to advocate for those who were voiceless. Alexis has always worked in non-profit organizations and law firms, practicing civil rights and disability rights law, and she lived in India for a year prosecuting child sex traffickers. She is passionate about adoption, and is now practicing adoption law (with the best firm around!). She loves being a mom to a boy and can’t wait to have another!

Our home is full of fun and silliness, love and warmth. We are blessed to live in a community with many nearby parks where other children are always at play. We love our neighbors, and we live in a very racially and ethnically diverse city and community with so many activities to participate in. We are walking distance from the elementary school the boys will attend. There are cute shops and restaurants that are family-friendly (we visit the donut shop across the street every Saturday morning where we know all of the staff and regular customers), and we are 15 minutes away from the beach and only a five-minute drive from our favorite hiking trail in the hills. We love to play, and we love to be outdoors and with others. We believe that children learn through play and experiencing the world around them, and we are intentional about creating those opportunities. We absolutely love being parents, and we pour everything we have into being the best parents we can possibly be.

In all that we do, we are led by our strong faith in the Lord. When we face troubles, we are comforted by our belief that He is present with us – that He goes before us into every day, that He is intimately aware of the things that are on our hearts, and that He cares about us more than any other human ever could. We will point our boys to that truth throughout their childhood and pray that they will know where their true worth comes from – not from being perfect, or being liked by everyone, but by their Creator who loves them deeply. Our faith is an integral part of our desire to adopt. Matthew 18:5 says, “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” We believe we are called to love our neighbor, the homeless, the rich, the downtrodden and hopeless, and above all, children.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about our family. We pray you have peace of mind and heart knowing that you are doing an incredibly brave thing by giving a family the gift of a child. It is truly the most amazing gift anyone could ever give. Above all, we pray that YOU are ultimately blessed through this process.


Alexis and Dave