Dave & Michelle

Hello! We are Dave and Michelle.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for reading our profile and considering us to be adoptive parents. We thought of writing this to you with the hopes of introducing ourselves and sharing a little about our journey to this moment. My wife and I have struggled for almost 4 years now to have a child, and recently our doctor has advised us that having our own biological child is unlikely. Processing this grief, we questioned why the Lord would provide such a strong desire in us to be parents and, at the same time, limit our ability to do so.

Fortunately, for us, these experiences have lead us to you. The struggles the both of us have faced have brought us together in a very unique set of circumstances that only a few may ever understand. In thinking about our journeys (and the emotions connected to them), Michelle and I are reminded of the Lord’s words to us in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “The Lord’s power is made perfect in weakness”.

My wife and I have been married for 5 years. We enjoy our careers and the life they provide for us. Michelle is a Marriage and Family Therapist, working with families who have children with autism. I also work as a Clinical Therapist at a local hospital. We recently purchased a home in a wonderful equestrian community in Orange County, CA that consists of loving families, livestock, and family pets. What we love best about our little neighborhood are the yearly community events including our annual Chili Cook- Off, the Fall Harvest Festival, family Christmas celebration and, of course, our famous Fourth of July Parade.

Michelle is an amazing, smart, and caring woman. She keeps me on my toes everyday with her subtle jokes that brighten our home in the most difficult of circumstances. One of my favorite activities with my wife is our weekly hikes on one of our local trails and of course, the sweet smell of her famous Saturday morning breakfast afterwards. My wife‘s family has been instrumental in our journey and will continue to be as her older brother was adopted at 3 months of age. My brother-in-law is an amazing family man who teaches us daily about the uniqueness of being adopted and is committed to supporting your little one with their own journey.

My husband, Dave, is the kindest, most gracious man I have ever met, he fills our home with love, and laughter with his silly made up songs that lift our spirits and make our home fun. Dave is very adventurous and often surprises me with fun and exciting activities. Whether it’s a home improvement project or a fun day-adventure “just because,” I love our life together, and cannot wait to see Dave become the kind and strong father I know he will be. My husband’s family strongly supports this adoption process, as they too considered adoption after experiencing their own fertility struggles.

Together, we desire to expand our family and to provide a safe and nurturing home with the same love and commitment that each of us were raised with: a home that is Christ-centered and focused on being good stewards of the Lords blessings. Even though we have not met yet, we pray for you daily. We thank you for your time and consideration, as we can only imagine that this decision must weigh quite heavily on you.

With Gratitude,

Dave & Michelle