Erich & Jennifer

As we sit down to write this letter to you, we are ecstatic at the possibility of welcoming a little boy or girl into our family. We also know that you are facing what may be one of the toughest decisions, and self-less acts of your journey of life thus far. Although we do not know the circumstances that have brought you to read this letter we are grateful to have the chance to connect with you.

About Us

We have been married for close to 8 years. We met while living about 2 hours away from one another, and spent the first several months of our relationship driving back and forth to see one another on weekends. Looking back, I think this ‘jump started’ our relationship and allowed us to learn about each other very quickly. We now live in San Diego, and although we desire to move out of state within the next several years, we are enjoying all that San Diego has to offer!

As I was growing up there was nothing I wanted to be more than a teacher and a mommy. I was a special education teacher for 13 years before I stopped working. I am now a full time stay-at-home mommy and love it! Even on the days in which our 3-year-old claims, I “ruined her life,” because I gave her the wrong colored cup! I enjoy helping at my daughter’s preschool, teaching her and playing with her at home. Outside of “kid-related” activities, I enjoy crocheting, crafting, decorating our home, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I am a very social and energetic person, (translation—I talk. A LOT) I LOVE the holidays (it’s never too early for Christmas music right??) and enjoying spending time outdoors in the areas of San Diego I visited as a child.

Erich is a police officer. He has worked in a detective position for the last 2 years. He is very detailed and organized in his work, loves his job, and works very hard so I can stay home with Avery. In his free time, he likes doing home improvement projects, (translation-one time I went out shopping, came home and he had taken off the kitchen cabinets to resurface them) spending time with friends and loves taking Avery to her extracurricular activities. He is a great father. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for Avery and looks forward to watching life unfold for his little girl.

Our extended family is spread all throughout the Western United States. We enjoy taking road trips and visiting them often. (Try 11 hours in a car with 3 dogs and a preschooler that loves Caillou. THAT’S FUN!!) We both have 1 older sibling and we enjoy spending time with them and their families as often as we can throughout the year. My folks are about a ½ day’s drive away, so it makes it easy to take an extended weekend and spend time with them. I also have an aunt and uncle, as well as cousins here-about an hour from where we live. All of our family is elated we are trying to complete our family through adoption. They had become attached to the children we fostered, and are looking forward to a new family member when we are blessed with a child.

About Avery

There are no perfect words to describe our daughter. She is first, an absolute miracle, as we were told we would not be able to conceive without IVF. She is the most social, (talks as much as mommy does,) happiest little girl you would ever meet.
She loves everyone and enjoys the littlest things about life every single day. Avery is a very active little girl, so we have channeled that energy into sports, preschool, and spending time with friends. She loves to ride her bike, her scooter, do gymnastics, soccer and enjoys ice-skating the most.
Avery somehow understood the dynamics of our home when we were fostering and loved the little ones that came into our home, no matter how long they stayed with us.

She became particularly attached to a little boy we had in our home for the first 6 months of his life. She was extremely devastated when he left. I remember as I was packing his bag, she brought her brand new Daniel Tiger toy over to pack. She told me “Mommy, he’s going to need this where he’s going. I don’t want him to be sad.” It was then that we promised her we would not bring another baby into the house unless it was a baby who could stay with us forever She is extremely ready to be a big sister and tells anyone and everyone she meets that she is going to have a baby in the house and help feed, play with and even change diapers! (I mean, seriously everyone. I think our mailman even knows.)

Our home

We live in a suburb of San Diego. We are about 20 minutes away from the zoo, beaches, museums, and downtown. Our home is very cozy, and organized, but we definitely have life in our house! We have 3 small dogs, and 2 cats. The pets are very friendly, and the cats in particular love our daughter to no end. (I have pictures of one of our cats wearing beads and a tiara from when Avery started her princess phase.) We enjoy having others over for family style dinners, playdates, and holidays. Our daughter’s birthday falls near Christmas, so we usually have a huge gathering at that time of year. We have a playroom in the center of the house that is set aside for learning, making messes, and having fun!

We have both lived all of our life in California. Although we know this state has many things to offer, we have traveled to Idaho several times (visiting family and friends,) and fell in love with the state, particularly the Northern part. We feel that Idaho is our home, and we are just waiting for the right time to move there and live there long term. We like the feel of small town living where everyone knows everyone, and wanted a state in which the seasons are more varied. We are hoping to move there before Avery would get too far into elementary school.

Our Journey

At the beginning of my teaching career, I once read a quote that said teaching special education is like watching frozen honey melt. I realized not only in that situation, but in many situations in our lives together, we have had to wait a long time for the rewards that come with patience, but also they are even greater when we reach those things. I believe there are many times in life in which we have to wait for the honey to melt and have faith in the fact it will.

Even before we were married, I was told we wouldn’t be able to have children naturally. Erich and I were foster parents for 2 years before I was able to get pregnant with Avery, and we both knew the amount of love and dedication the children in our home would need. I became a full time stay at home mom. Our journey through foster care was incredibly challenging and rewarding, but we longed to be parents, so we took the steps to work with a fertility specialist and were able to have Avery through IVF. When Avery was not quite 3, we started fostering again, and after the children were placed with relatives and we saw the impact it had on Avery and her well-being (of the children leaving,) we knew that building our family through adoption is the best choice for her and for us.

We long for Avery to have someone to share in life’s adventures. She is such a kind and nurturing soul, we know that she will make a great big sister. We know that God has a plan for her life, as well as ours, and have the faith she WILL be a big sister one day and we will be able to know the love of another child, making our family complete. Avery is so strong in her convictions that she will be a big sister; it feels as though she knows something we don’t. By sharing your baby with us, you would be answering our prayers for a sibling for our daughter, and complete our family.
You have given someone the gift of life and are considering giving someone else a child to love. We know you have many choices in your search for a family, and we are grateful you are considering us. Thank you, again, for that consideration in this incredibly important decision in your life.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer, Erich and Avery