Josh & Jenny

We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our story and why we want to be parents and how our adoption journey has led us to you. I will start by introducing myself. I am Jenny. I grew up in the city of San Clemente CA with four siblings and my parents in a nice home.

I spent most of my childhood being active in the outdoors, having an interest in hiking, biking and swimming in the ocean that I maintain today. Not a day goes by that I don’t try to be involved in some outdoor activity.

As an adult, I have become extremely involved with Yoga and meditation and use this to stay in shape and have fun. My greatest joys in life are spending time with my husband Josh, and being involved in our many nieces’ and nephews’ lives.

My husband Josh grew up mainly near Seattle WA, though he did spend some time as a child in Irvine, CA. Josh is also passionate about fitness, though I would say he is more of mountain man while I am the beach girl. This seems to be a nice complement as we spend equal amounts of time at the beach and in the mountains. Josh is an accomplished guitarist and spent many years teaching classical guitar. More recently he is a techie and makes a living working at a software company.

I met Josh about 7 years ago, at a friend’s house warming party. We immediately hit it off and began dating. It became clear that we were meant to be together and a short 14 months after we met, we were married. Since the time that we were first together, we discussed having children and knew that we both wanted to. Because I had Ovarian Cancer it seemed that adoption would be our path to parenthood and we embraced this whole heartedly.

As we continued down the path to parenthood, it was suggested that we try IVF through an egg donor, which we did. While we were able to get pregnant, we lost the baby at about 20 weeks. Having no more embryos, we took some time to mourn our loss then restarted our adoption journey.

After diligently working to complete our home study with the adoption agency, we were almost immediately matched with a birth mother who had picked us. We were moved to tears at this incredible gift that the birth parents were extending to both their unborn child but also to us. Sadly, we got word about a month after being matched that she had miscarried. While we were saddened by this, we were resolute in our desire to become parents.

Being parents means the world to us. I want to be a mother because I love children and have always felt the need to be a mother. There is something in me that always needs to take care of and nurture children. I light up with joy every time I babysit, tutor or hang out with my many nieces and nephews. I seem to have a special bond with all of them. Josh on the other hand, is a kid himself it seems, as all the nieces and

nephews love to climb all over him and have him pick them up and carry them around. He is happy to get silly and be on their level. At the same time, he is good at math and other subjects so he is always able to help with homework.

We are so grateful that we are able to become parents through adoption. It is a priceless gift to us. We understand that this is not an easy decision to make and want to be the best parents that we can possibly be.


Josh & Jenny