Phil & Sarah

Sarah and Phil went up the hill to find Sarah and Phil got a chill when they saw other potential parents to be; BUT, Sarah and Phil knew God has a plan and there will be an expecting mommy looking just for them.

Here is Sarah and Phil’s love story…

We would like to introduce ourselves, as potential, yet experienced parents. Sarah and Phil can be considered newlyweds, being married just this past January 2017.

Both have previous marriages that have produced 7 wonderful children, of which their youngest, who is 8 years old, lives with them. The others have grown into fine adults and are starting their own families.
Sarah and Phil met at work back in November 2014 and have grown to be best friends. It has been a busy and fast-paced year selling their previous homes, changing jobs and getting settled in their new home.
Now that they are living comfortably, they are missing little ones to enjoy it with. Phil keeps busy with his job as an engineer for the Navy and coaching volleyball for their local school and youth.

Sarah works a full time job in data management as a librarian and keeps the house in order. With two cats, two dogs, and a very active 8 year old keeping the house in order is a large task!

Outside of their normal life activities, they like to travel and visit as many different places as they can. Their most recent trip was taking the two youngest girls to D.C. for work/family vacation. Their favorite part about the trip was the duck boat tour, an amphibious vehicle that rolls on land and floats in the water like a boat. Neisha, the 8 year old, volunteered to steer the boat while in the river! Other fun things they have done have been to see Elton John in Vegas, The Blue Man Group, and a Broadway show at the Pantages theatre in LA.

With this being said, another big part of this equation is Neisha looking forward to being a big sister, which she has a huge heart for.

The Lord has blessed us thus far and we are looking forward to bringing another blessing into this puzzle of a family.

Sarah and Phil