Tom & Casey

Dear Birth Mom/Parents,

Honestly we don’t know what to say. We’re humbled that someone would consider us to care for their child. We’re thankful for the strength and courage you’ve shown in doing what you think is best in an incredibly difficult situation. If you choose us, we will love and cherish your child with all that we are. We will provide security, encouragement and inspiration. We know without question that we will do all that is within our power to honor the choice you have made. We will love your child unconditionally and will ensure that your child knows just how much you love them.


My name is Tom and I am 34 years old. I have been married to my lovely wife Casey for 8 years. We’ve been blessed to have undertaken numerous adventures together. We met in Colorado at the end of my time in the army. I was a medic and served for nearly 8 years. After leaving the Army I finished my Bachelor’s Degree, and Casey and I left Colorado. We embarked on a year of traveling around the world serving for a month at a time in multiple countries with multiple organizations and churches sharing the love of Christ. Our faith is extremely important to us; it has shaped who we are, what we are passionate about and how we live each day.

Once we returned to the United States we stayed briefly with our families and worked for a ministry in Tennessee until my wife was able to get a dream job working for the university she attended before we met.

That dream job brought us to Texas and I was given the opportunity to work in community outreach and education which I am still working in currently. Casey and I have had a desire to adopt long before we met. Once we found each other we knew adoption would be a part of our lives, the question was when. We have been trying to get pregnant for about 5 years but it hasn’t happened. We’ve seen so many family and friends experience the joy of having their own families and we so desperately want to have a family of our own.


My name is Casey and I am 33 years old. Tom and I met 9 years ago and instantly became friends. Over the course of the next several months I began to fall in love with him. He is the most caring, gentle, compassionate and loving man I have ever met.

On September 21, 2008, I married the love of my life. Our marriage has been filled with so much joy and blessings, it’s an honor to spend each day with my best friend.

He is my biggest cheerleader and encourages me to pursue my dreams; I know he would do nothing less for our child. Tom and I have such a capacity to love and are so thankful you are considering us to love your child. We currently live in Texas where I have the privilege of working with college students at a Christian University as the Assistant Dean of Students. I also recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling. My heart is to walk with those who are hurting and assist them in finding healing.

Activities that we enjoy include: walking, biking, camping, going to musicals, operas, ballets, museums, hanging out with friends, going to coffee and being involved in our local church.

As my husband mentioned previously we both had a desire to adopt long before we met. I knew one day that my husband and I would welcome with loving arms a child that didn’t come from us but that had grown in our hearts. We feel more than ever that the time is now. Our promise to you is to tell your child that you loved them so much that you chose us. We promise to help them understand the sacrifice you made was purely out of love.

What more can we say but thank you for your decision to do what you believe is best for your child and thank you for considering us to be a part of that decision.



Tom & Casey