Tyler & Rachel

Dear Birth Mother,

We write this letter with a spirit of gratitude; we are grateful to have the chance to connect with you and are deeply thankful for the privilege of raising a child through adoption. Thank you, from our hearts, for reading this letter and considering us!

We are Tyler and Rachel and it is a profound pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to tell you a bit about ourselves. We are both from Southern California and currently live in a small beach town, nearby to both of our extended families, with whom we are very close. We have been happily married for nine years and we have been best friends for longer than that! We love the fact that we have known each other since high school, although we did not start dating until college.

At this point, we have spent more of our lives together than apart, and it is this unity and sincere love for each other that makes us excited and truly ready to welcome a baby into our home. We have so much love to give and pray daily that God will bless us with a young life to nurture and raise!

Our jobs have enabled us to create and maintain a safe, warm and stable home while giving us the chance to travel together as much as our schedules allow. Some of our favorite places to visit include New York City, Miami, Bermuda and Big Sur, though we can generally embrace and create a memorable adventure in any place on the map! Tyler works as a Vice President in the energy industry and Rachel is a professor at local college. Although we both love what we get to do each day, we strongly believe that family comes first and are thankful that our work hours are flexible and “baby ready.”

In our free time, Tyler enjoys restoring his classic car, cooking and staying fit and Rachel loves writing, singing and sharing her makeup skills with friends and family. We are also crazy about our dog, who just may have the best life ever.

More than anything, we simply have fun being together and we would be so honored to be able to share that positivity, optimism and care through adoption.

We both have a love of life, a heart for people and a sincere trust that everything happens for a reason and timing is everything. We cannot wait to meet the baby that God has chosen for us through adoption…in His perfect plan and timing.

Thank you, again, for considering us in this incredibly important decision of life!

With gratitude and love from our hearts,

Tyler and Rachel