30 Truths

For Birth Parent(s) Placing a Child with Adoptive Parents Who Live in California

(Prepared by Attorney Ted R. Youmans, Member of the American and California Academies of Adoption Attorneys) Familybuilding.com; (714) 408-2900

  1. Adoption costs birth parents nothing throughout the entire process.
  2. You may speak to an attorney confidentially and without cost, and be independently represented throughout the adoption process.
  3. There are immediate answers to every question/issue you may have; call and let us confidentially help you. (714-408-2900)
  4. You may receive reasonable pregnancy-related expenses during the pregnancy.
  5. You personally choose the adoptive parent(s), no on else.
  6. You do not have to go to a social services office or to court to complete the adoption.
  7. You have a right to place your child for adoption and avoid the foster care system!
  8. You are encouraged to meet the adoptive parent(s) before you choose them.
  9. You may have contact with the adoptive parents before birth.
  10. You are entitled to obtain as much information as you need to choose the adoptive parents.
  11. You may choose adoptive parents out of state. The adoptive parents may live in another state.
  12. If necessary, you may move during pregnancy, including out of state.
  13. You may prepare information about yourself for the child to see as they grow. Adoptive parents will update you as the child grows, if you wish.
  14. There is no shame in choosing life and adoption for your child. It is a parenting choice, and a strategic, loving placement of the child, not an abandonment!
  15. The child will always know he/she is adopted and about you growing up, if you wish.
  16. Studies show adopted children do as well or better than other children.
  17. The child is typically placed at birth in the hospital with the adoptive parents.
  18. The hospital placement is planned and designed by you and the adoptive parents.
  19. No one but you are required to sign adoption documents, even if you are a minor.
  20. No one can legally stop you from placing your child for adoption.
  21. If you are not married to the father, the “alleged father” generally cannot stop the adoption unless he demonstrates: He promptly came forward and demonstrated a full commitment to his parental responsibilities to mother and the unborn child, financially, emotionally and otherwise; he held himself out publicly as father, and; promptly filed necessary legal documents to become a legal father.
  22. Less than 5% of the alleged fathers legally object to an adoption.
  23. Less than 3% of the mothers change their minds about the adoption.
  24. Adoptive parents are home-studied, investigated and fingerprinted.
  25. The average cost of adoption in our cases is approximately $18,000 to adoptive parents.
  26. The average age of birth mothers placing a child for adoption is 27 years old, and they generally have had another child(ren).
  27. The child is always given positive information about you as they grow.
  28. Independent and Agency Adoption is private and the cases are sealed from the public.
  29. You may receive counseling at no cost to you.
  30. There are approximately 25,000 private/voluntary adoptions per year in the U.S.

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