What Is Agency Adoption?

Agency adoption involves the placement of a child into the home of adoptive parents through a licensed adoption agency. An agency adoption also allows the birth mother to choose the adoptive parents, or if she wishes, the adoption may be more closed or completely closed. From the birth parents’ standpoint, an agency adoption does not differ too much from a private or independent adoption. It is helpful to seek the guidance of an attorney no matter what type of adoption you are embarking upon in order to understand the process and discuss the legal issues involved.

Private licensed adoption agencies can home study the adoptive parents quickly, which allows them to also complete an interstate adoption if a birth mother is located in a state other than theirs. This expands their outreach while Family Building is also doing outreach. A home study can also certify the adoptive parents with the same certification as that received by foster parents. That can be beneficial if there is any threat of the child being taken away from a birth mother, as Child Protective Services is more comfortable.

Issues Involved in Agency Adoption

Once a child enters into the state agency system, the birth parents lose control over choosing an adoptive family for their child. Even if a birth parent’s family member is seeking guardianship or temporary custody of a child, and the birth parent agrees, the guardianship must go through a complicated legal process. This is not the case if the birth parent chooses to seek the resources of a private adoption organization such as the Center for Family Building, Law Office of Ted R. Youmans.

Since 1987, attorney Ted R. Youmans, based in Anaheim, California, has helped thousands of birth mothers find stable, loving homes for their children and helped thousands of adoptive parents bring a child or orphan in need into their homes permanently.

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