The Benefits of Private Adoption

photo 5Birth Mothers Choose the Adoptive Family

In an Independent/Private adoption birth mothers choose to create their adoption plan through an attorney. This choice empowers the birth mother and the child grows up knowing they were loved and specially placed in a home specifically chosen by their birth mother, rather than a state agency. This has made Private and Independent the most popular type of adoption, historically.

In California, birth mothers can receive reasonable birth-related expenses. We serve as a resource for birth mothers throughout the duration of the private/independent adoption process.

Many of the couples who seek our services believe that the birth mother is going to change her mind. The truth about adoption is that less than three percent of birth mothers who have an adoption plan change their minds.

Since 1987, adoption lawyer Ted R. Youmans has been providing caring, committed and skilled adoption services to couples seeking to expand their family. We are located in Anaheim Hills, California, and have handled private adoption matters throughout the United States since 1987.

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Although a birth mother in California may place her child with Adoptive parents at any time, whether home-studied or not, all adoptive couples are ultimately screened and home studied to ensure they will provide a child with all the care and stability they need.

Most adoptive couples who visit Family Building want to adopt a healthy, newborn baby as they have dealt with infertility issues and are ready to engage in the adoption process to build a family.

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When adoptive couples choose adoption, they are often surprised by their options. Beyond adopting a new-born, many choose to adopt a toddler, a child with some special needs, multiple children, become foster parents in order to adopt, or even adopt an adult! Attorney Youmans and his wife, Sheryl, are very familiar with all these processes and believe that as adoptive parents catch the spirit of adoption even more opportunities arise to impact the lives of other children. They have personally experienced this in their own family as they have brought children into their home.

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