Unplanned Pregnancy and how we can help you

Thank you to all the birth mothers and birth fathers who have placed their children for adoption.

These families were more than blessed because of you!

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30 Truths

For Birth Parent(s) Considering Placing a Child
in California for Adoption

(Prepared by Attorney Ted R. Youmans, Member of the
American and Placing California Academies of
Adoption Attorneys) Familybuilding.com; (714) 408-2900

What do I do now?

Breathe… and know you are not alone.

If I choose adoption, who will adopt my baby?

There are quality couples who would just love to meet with you.

Is there any cost?

There is absolutely no cost to you to place your baby for adoption. You can legally receive financial support for adoption related expenses throughout your pregnancy (i.e. rent, food, medical, clothing…)

Emotional support is available to you. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we are prepared to come to you if that is what your individual situation calls for.

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