Tom + Julie

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for allowing us to tell you about who we are and why we want to become parents by adoption.

Our names are Tom and Julie, we are of German and Swiss decent. We live in Southern California in a two story farm house on ranch land. We live within 1 mile of the city but we consider where we live the country. We have 20 acres of land for animals and children to play and grow on. We have one cat and two dogs that all live outside, and a herd of cows that graze in the pasture. We are Christian’s and we attend a non-denomination Calvary Chapel church in Chino Hills. We both are part of a New Believer’s Bible study of 13 studies to help those who have questions and want to learn more about the bible.

We are extremely active and live very full lives, which is why I say we’re young. We have been married for almost 12 years.

We try to vacation at least two to three times a year either to Hawaii, New York, Boston or Jackson Hole Wyoming; we have yearly passes to Disneyland as well. We love to hike in the mountains and have picnics, hot cocoa and frequently go to the beach to enjoy the tide pools. We enjoy going to the fair each year. We love to garden and eat the veggies and fruits of our labor. We do all we can to experience as much life as possible. We love the fact that we don’t always need to spend a lot of money or go far away to enjoy ourselves because we just love being together and have fun no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

Tom is a Realtor and I work for Southwest Airlines. I have a great job because I get travel benefits that a flight attendant without having to fly. I work in the luggage and cargo department at the airport.

The wonderful thing about my job is it gives us the ability to travel as much as we do.

I have 1 older sister who lives in Colorado and Tom is the baby of the family; he has 3 brothers and 1 sister (who was adopted at birth) and 21 nieces and nephews from the ages of 30 – 1 year old, (one of which was also adopted at age 2). Tom and I are extremely close to our families and friends. Tom’s mother lives across the street in the home where he grew up. My mother lives in Tustin, California about 30 miles away. We have at least 4 friends that have children that they have adopted. It has been an inspiration for us to see firsthand the blessing of adoption.

We went through 10 years of heartache while trying to have a baby but my body was unable to handle a pregnancy. At that point, we had decided that we wanted to share all the love and opportunities that we have to offer and felt adoption was the best way to still fulfill our dream of having a family. A few years ago our prayers were answered and we were blessed with the birth of Jackson, a beautiful little boy. The love we have for him is indescribable!

Our prayer now is for God to bring us a little brother or sister for Jackson. We would love nothing more than to be able to love another child into our family the way Jackson came to us. It has truly been a beautiful experience.

We can only imagine what you are feeling right now and the difficulty in making this decision. We just want you to know the respect we feel toward you and your choice of adoption for your baby. Loving your child enough to “place” them with a family where they will be loved is the most admirable and unselfish act anyone could ever do not to mention humbling! We want you to know that in our home your child will have an upbringing that he/she can feel they had every opportunity to have a fulfilling life and be a part of society that is full of fun, responsibility and respect. We know once you find the right parents you will feel peace in your heart.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Tom and Julie