Allison & Kyle

Allison & Kyle


Dear Expectant Parent,

Every child deserves to have a childhood, to play and grow and learn. Every child deserves to grow up knowing safety and support. They deserve a place to explore, and to make mistakes. Every child deserves unconditional love, to never doubt that they are loved. 


Kyle and I knew from the beginning our home and hearts held a place for a child who needed them. Growing our family has always been a journey and we are honored to now be pursuing adoption. Adoption to us is about finding a home for a baby, not a baby for a family. We have two children, ages 7 and 4. For the last four years we have been supporting families and their babies through foster care. We are excited now to offer a baby a permanent home with unconditional love and a safe, nurturing place to thrive.

Even though we have not had the opportunity to legally add to our family through foster care, our hearts have grown with each child we had in our home. We enjoy continued relationships not only with our foster children, but their birth parents and extended family.  

Thank you for choosing to give your baby life. The complexities of this choice are not lost on us. We have many friends who have adopted children to grow their families and friends who have placed their children for adoption. We have the utmost respect for the decision you are making in choosing to continue life.  

We met at church (a nondenominational Christian church) through mutual friends in 2007. Our romance sparked in Olive Garden over the purchase of a new snowboard for Allison. It didn't take us long to figure out we were meant to be together. Nine months after our first date we were married. We enjoy spending time together, working on projects and hanging out at home, and out and about snowboarding or going to concerts. No matter where we are, life is always an adventure for us.



Kyle was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Idaho. He is 39, with a master’s degree in education. He taught at a local private Christian school where he also coached golf for 13 years. Currently he runs our personal business of fixing up houses and painting. He also works at the drag race strip, where he's worked since he was 12. Kyle loves to snowboard, golf and go to concerts. He also loves to learn about Bible history. Kyle is loyal, steady, and has an impeccable sense of humor.



Allison was born and raised in Idaho. She is 33. Her full-time job title is Mom, but she has a college degree in accounting and is passionate about her part-time work recruiting and supporting foster families with the state. She loves to be quite at home - gardening, canning almost anything, crocheting and reading books. She also loves getting out in nature - hiking, picking huckleberries, or trying new things like paddle boarding. Allison is loving, kind, compassionate, and supportive.



Sawyer is 7 and he loves Pokemon, rocks/gems, puzzles, art, super heros, going to school, and golf practice with Dad. His favorite colors are teal green and golden. He is kind, sensitive, a leader and a loving older brother.


Esther is 4 and she enjoys playing with her brother's toys but also loves taking care of her baby dolls. She loves gymnastics, bugs, and her pet hedgehog.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She also loves swimming and is adventurous and confident in doing her own thing.

Our children have plenty of time to run around and play. They also do things like swim lessons and gymnastics. Sawyer currently attends a private Christian school, as will Esther when she starts preschool next year. After that, we will encourage and support them to get more education - college, or job specific technical training. It is our desire for our children to be able to be what they want to be when they grow up.


We live in the Treasure Valley in Idaho, with nature minutes away from the heart of the city. Our street is a quiet side street with close access to the city walking path and multiple tree-shaded parks.

Church is an important part of our life. The kids attend Sunday school and both grandparents' church's Vacation Bible School in the summer. We also try to live out our faith through serving others.

As parents, we believe in both nurture and structure. Our children are held accountable for their actions, expected to be kind and respectful. And still, we have a lot of fun together, connecting as a family and enjoying each other's company. 

We are very connected to extended family. Both Kyle's parents and Allison's mom live close by and we see each other multiple times a week. Allison has one sister and Kyle, three brothers. Both of our grandmothers are also alive, and Kyle's is still very active. We also have great-aunts and uncles, cousins and other extended family close by. 


Growing our family by adoption, there are more relationships to consider than just us and a baby. We are willing to communicate with you as much as is healthy, productive, and agreeable for everyone.

With love,

Kyle and Allison