Amanda & Henry

Amanda & Henry


Dear expectant parent(s),

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter and getting to know us a little. We have been married for over four years and even though we both have had such a strong desire to be parents, we have struggled to have a child of our own. Being pregnant five times and having each of those pregnancies end up in miscarriages was not the path we ever believed for ourselves. We then chose to try IVF, which ended up giving us unsuccessful result as well. Through it all, we continue to be strong and not give up on having a family. We know that we are meant to be parents and that desire to love and nurture a child was put in our hearts for a reason. We believe there is a reason for everything and we believe this is what brought us to you. Because of what we have been through, we know we will love and care for this child more than anything. We hope you will choose us to be the adoptive parents. No matter what you decide, we hope the best for you and your child.

About Amanda


A little more about me. I am Amanda, the middle child and only girl in the family. Raised in Southern California for most of my life after we moved from Vietnam to the United States. My parents are humble and both worked extremely hard for their children so we were able to have the opportunities that have allowed us to be where we are today. They raised us up to be some great adults and I hope to one day be like them.

I enjoy hiking on the weekends with our two dogs. I really love traveling the world. I enjoy long walks on the beach. When I am at home, I enjoy cooking, baking and doing DIY things. I also have a passion for photography. I love taking pictures of my dogs and the food that I make.


I have a career in advertising at an online gaming company, which challenges me to use my creative side regularly. Something else I enjoy doing is after work, I sometimes go to the LA Mission to feed the homeless. 

About Henry

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My husband, Henry, grew up in Southern California when he was a child. For a short period, he moved to Florida with his family. He eventually came back to California and that gave us the opportunity to meet. Henry also comes from a family of five children. Since we both have large families, we knew we wanted to start a family of our own. Henry is the athletic one between us. He loves surfing and working out. He enjoys doing long bike rides. He likes to challenge himself by participating in different races including Century ride (100 miles bike ride), triathlon up in Big Bear and several marathons.

When Henry did the triathlon, after completing the running and swimming part, he had to bike to the finish line. Unfortunately, he got flat tire on his bike but he did not give up and finished the race. He is a strong and determined man. He will be a great dad! 

About Us


Henry and I met in 2008 at the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. Covered in mud is not the best way to meet people, especially your forever partner. ☺ Apparently, that did not matter and we became good friends and eventually begun dating. Fast forward a few years and here we are! We are married and we are living in Los Angeles. We are both educated people and have stable jobs. I run the advertising department at my company and Henry is a system programmer for LA DWP. 

We are both close to our families and communicate with our siblings daily. We adopted two dogs last year and they too are part of the family now.  Even though they are two small dogs, they somehow take up half of our bed and we do not mind a bit. Henry is a loving dad to the dogs. He makes them dinner with rice and chicken, instead of just kibbles. We wanted to start a family once we got married but life is not always what you expected. Having gone through all the obstacles and challenges, will only make us better parents.

The journey that has brought us to you is not by chance. There is a reason you are reading this letter  now and you can count on us to be the best parents your child can have.

We realize this is not a step for the life of your child that you are taking lightly and appreciate that.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you our story, we would love to get the chance to hear yours.

Henry and Amanda