Andie & Jon

Andie & Jon


Hi, we are Andie and Jon. We live in Orange County with our dog, Barkley. We love to be silly, make each other laugh and find the humor in life. Our relationship is built on mutual honesty, trust and respect for each other. We work hard to achieve our goals, we support each other through challenges, and we love to have fun with friends and family. We first met 10 years ago while Jon played on a softball team with a friend of Andie’s. About a year and a half later, we hit it off on a group camping trip organized by mutual friends. Shortly after that, we had our first date and felt a special connection right away.


We have been married for nearly 7 years and our love continues to grow stronger every day.


We have always dreamed of building a family together. Before we got married, we agreed to pursue adoption if we weren’t able to have children naturally. Jon’s younger sister is adopted, so adoption is something our family is very comfortable with. After years of trying to conceive, and many unsuccessful fertility treatments, it has become clear that this is how we will build our family.


Our challenge with infertility has strengthened our bond and reinforced our love and commitment to each other. We view adoption as a special gift and would cherish the opportunity to become parents.

We both grew up in the East San Francisco Bay Area, where our families still live. Jon’s sister married last year and recently gave birth to our little nephew. Our parents are very close friends and they completely support our pursuit of adoption.


We have owned our home in Orange County for 3 years. We live in a safe, historic neighborhood near parks and schools, and have close relationships with our neighbors. We are a musical household with a piano in the living room and guitars on the wall. We enjoy working on home improvement projects, planting and tending vegetables in our garden, and hosting neighbors, friends and family in our backyard.

Andie: I love to sing and dance, spending time with children and being in nature. I was raised in a church community that taught me values of compassion, inclusion, and community service. I studied Theatre Arts in college and performed in children’s theater shows. After college, I lived in Nicaragua for a year teaching literacy and performing arts classes to local children, and developed a love of the Spanish language and Latino culture. I have worked with children as a Speech Therapist for the last 5 years and am very passionate about helping children improve their communication skills. I am currently taking a break from my full-time career while we are going through the adoption process and am now working part-time at a nearby Starbucks, so I have flexible work hours and more time to prepare for welcoming a baby into our home.


I enjoy yoga, cooking, and going to musicals, jazz concerts, and baseball games.

From Jon: Andie is the most loving and caring person I have ever known. She is beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, and brings joy to the world around her. She puts 100% into everything she does, is selfless, and puts others’ feelings and needs before her own. She’s played a crucial role in raising two of her cousins and has spent most of her life caring for and working with children. Kids are drawn to her, and I can’t imagine anyone who would be a better mom.


Jon: I am a musician, an outdoorsman and a sports fan. I enjoy writing, rehearsing and recording music on guitar, bass and drums. I play drums in a local band in the O.C. area.


I love nature and being outdoors. I like to camp, hike, mountain bike, kayak and swim. I played several sports as a kid, including soccer, basketball and football, but baseball was my biggest passion. I recently completed my master’s degree in business administration and started a new job with a marketing technology company that allows me to have a flexible schedule and work from home, which will enable me to spend more time with our child when he/she arrives.


From Andie: Jon’s passion for music is one of my favorite things about him because it allows us to connect on a deeper level. Jon is extremely supportive, and he loves me unconditionally. He has a great sense of humor and a playful personality; sometimes he makes me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt!

Jon is very motivated to be an involved parent and I know he will want to play a role in activities with our child, like coaching a sports team.

Jon is naturally patient, nurturing, and genuine, which makes him an excellent husband and will also make him an awesome dad.


About Barkley: Barkley is our dog-son, a goofy 9-year-old Boxer. We adopted him from a rescue organization 8 years ago and he has been a life-changing addition to our family. Barkley loves playing “hide and go seek” with his toys, earning treats and taking walks through our neighborhood. Barkley thinks he is a lap dog, is 80 pounds of pure love, and snuggles with us on the couch every night.

He is extremely social and loves people, especially kids! He is highly intelligent, understands many human words, and communicates using Chewbacca-like doggie noises.

Our promise to you:


We haven’t met you yet, but we think about you often. We understand that you are making a difficult decision and we respect you for taking this journey. Our child will have an Auntie who was an adopted child herself, who can relate to his/her feelings. We know “family” comes to us in many ways and the thing that truly makes a family is love. Our child will grow up in a loving household with the resources and support to pursue his/her dreams. We would feel so blessed and honored if given the opportunity to parent and care for a child. We will always hold you in our hearts with love, gratitude, and respect. Our child will always know his/her adoption story and will be told about the wonderful gift you have given to us.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us,

Andie and Jon