Charisse & Omar

Charisse & Omar


Perhaps the best way for to describe our story to start at the mailbox.  Of all the places to meet the love of your life, for us it was the mailbox.  Charisse is figuratively and literally the girl next door.  Through the circumstances that can only be described as it was meant to be, we met one Friday evening, had an impromptu dinner delivering a cake to some friends at a restaurant and staying for what would the beginning of our love story. 

From the patio of quaint Italian restaurant in Upland, a moment in time turned into a lifetime journey. That magical evening on a Friday the 13th has made every Friday the 13th our day and we do not waste a moment celebrating the life we found in one another. Our background could not be further apart and we love seeing life through each other’s eyes.

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Charisse holds a special grace that is as unique as the moment we met.  Her family values, her heart, her very soul is filled with love for life and her family.  She has three beautifully unique children, each with their little personalities – Brianna, Justin, and Blake.  She loves being their mom, watching over them, holding them close and letting go when it has been time for them to grow.  Her love of life comes through her newfound adventure of travel.  The world has become her passion with each trip we take.  

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Most recently, we found ourselves on a magical trip that would change us forever.  This one, one of many to come, was in France.  The experience of history, culture, people, food, and all the wonderful memories has now lead her to begin a new adventure of learning French.

Of her wonderful children, each holds a gift of their own. Brianna, now studying her music in Cleveland, holds a beautiful gift with how her voice can touch so many.  Justin, with his boyish smile, had a good soul and a funny humor best seen with his brother, Blake.  Blake is the youngest with a love to help people and a drive to become a firefighter.  You can’t miss his sharp wit and humor even as he has the last ice cream bar.

From my side, I grew up all over the world living in faraway places as Saudi Arabia, Europe, Canada, and the United States.  Born in Belgium, my perspective has been one of the world for most of my life.  Growing up in French schools, travel has become second nature and with that adventure is familiar and even more sweet to see it through Charisse’s eyes.  

The sounds of home are our haven. Cooking and baking are a passion of ours, but is only best shared with family, friends, and those that you love. Our home is filled with the sounds of life even when we find ourselves going in many directions with simply life.

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We would love to share a life and create a new story with a child of our own together, a beautiful add to our family.  It is the moments in life that make life a blessing.  Those memories present, past and future are what holds us close and dear.  We vow to never be the same as we make that difference in a growing family’s life. Those moments become who we are and we are looking forward to another step to what life holds.

With all our love,
Omar and Charrise,