Cherie & Dave

Cherie & Dave




We’ve had the privilege of being married for 2½ years and now we are hoping to add two new members to our family! We love and serve God with our whole hearts, and we are looking forward to seeing how much we can love on the kiddos that God has for us! For the past several months, we’ve been praying for the babies and for their birth parents. We’re looking forward to the joys and challenges ahead that come from loving well on the little ones that God calls us to be parents for!


About Dave

I grew up in Michigan where I learned to work on cars, fix things, and enjoy being outside, especially for hikes and bike rides! I had a variety of jobs while I was growing up. Some of my favorites were those where I worked for the parks department with day after day of being outdoors enjoying God’s creation.

I was married to my late wife, Dorcas, for 24 years, but because of her cancer treatments, we were never able to have children. Cherie met Dorcas and me at an annual work conference in 2005 and the three of us enjoyed getting acquainted over the years. Sadly, Dorcas passed away from complications following heart surgery in 2014. Joyfully, Cherie and I got married in Longview, Texas, on January 28, 2017!


I appreciate Cherie’s deep love and great patience. She’s a woman who loves to help and serve others. She does all she can to make our house into a home and help our family be healthy. She tries to have fun in all that she does. She likes to play games, walk, hike, bike, sew—and the list goes on!


About Cherie

I grew up in Texas where I learned to sew by hand and on the machine, played the piano and flute, read tons of books, babysat, cooked, and cleaned house for a job.


Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to get married and have kids! I was soooo happy to marry Dave!! I love sharing life with him. He is Godly, kind, considerate of others … and fun and funny :). We pray together each morning and evening, read a chapter from the Bible together to start our day, talk about the events of each day before and after they happen, work through conflict as it comes up, and try to get a walk in together several times a week to enjoy the great outdoors. I love it that Dave is a fix-it man and thinks things through carefully.

I’m looking forward to being a mom! I’ve been happily sewing baby blankets, bibs, and little play items for our babies while we wait for their arrivals. I’m making some photo books for kids, too, which our English students will also enjoy!


About Us

We’re 55 and 56 years young. :) We’re both English teachers and work as missionaries overseas. Dave is also learning a foreign language with a tutor as part of his work, and Cherie is editing and writing language learning books as a part of her work. Together we manage a language learning center and mentor the teachers that God sends to work with us. When we’re overseas, we enjoy worshipping God each week with a small community of missionaries from all over the world – and they have also been praying for the babies we hope to adopt!

We like to ride our tandem bike, go hiking, read books, watch movies, and play games. We really like different kinds of music.


We travel 2-3 months each year for our work and for family visits in Texas, Michigan, Indiana, and Washington state. We enjoy seeing new places and trying new foods! We’re amazed at how God designed His creation with so much beauty to see!! Some of the places we’ve visited together so far have been the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, about half of the USA states … and the small country of Belize, where we went for our honeymoon! We love getting to know people from around the world …

We are so glad that you have chosen to give life to your baby. We are praying for you and for the baby. As you continue to walk this journey over the months that remain, we pray that you will see God at work in your life and that you will sense His comfort and presence and peace.

Dave & Cherie