Colette & Dan

Colette & Dan



We cannot imagine the strength and courage it has taken you to get to this point, but we are so grateful that you are considering us. While we have not experienced what you are going through, we do deeply understand that life brings challenging and hard times. Colette has a non-fatal form of muscular dystrophy that causes some muscle weakness and she uses a wheelchair to walk far distances. 

This has certainly brought obstacles to our life. But while sometimes are hard, we believe it is life’s tough times that make the happy times that much sweeter. We hope that you choose us and help bring our family’s happiest, sweetest times by making us parents.

About Colette


Despite being handicapped, Colette prides herself on being tough and strong. When she was a student, she always chose a tough course load and earned a double major from UC Berkeley. She then successfully pursued a career in entertainment and brand marketing until mid-way through last year when she decided that instead of pursuing a career full-time, she believed there is more important work ahead being a parent and started the journey of becoming a mother by adopting a child. Colette works part time from home and is excited to be a stay at home parent to our child. Colette has 4 siblings - 2 sisters and 2 brothers - and enjoys hosting everyone in our house for big meals cooked from scratch with vegetables from Dan’s backyard garden. 

Colette is known as Auntie Coco to 2 nieces and 2 nephews, 3 of which live within a 5-minute drive, who are all excitedly waiting for a baby cousin to join our family. Colette is an active volunteer with Global G.L.O.W., a girl empowerment nonprofit that runs free after-school programs for girls around the world.

About Dan


Everyone who knows Dan associates him with his joyful sense of humor and kind heart.  Dan loves to laugh, making others laugh and loves listening and going to comedy.  He is also a big music fan and our home is constantly filled with the sounds of music. A kid at heart, he enjoys playing  countless rounds of hide-and-seek and cannon ball contests with our nieces and nephews. Dan has been a lifelong vegetarian because he cared so deeply about the chickens on his mom’s small farm that he could not bear the idea of eating them.  He brings that compassion that he has towards animals to everything he does and everywhere he goes, lending helping hand to neighbors when they need it and showing extra empathy to co-workers and friends. Dan loves being outside in our backyard garden, hiking on the trails near our house or enjoying that Southern California sunshine in the pool. Dan has one younger brother, but 15 first  cousins! Dan is extremely close to his cousins and loves to stay close to family near and far by sharing funny things with them to bring a smile and LOL to their days. Dan grew up in the bay area and loves to visit his family up North on holidays and Tahoe family reunions with our two German Shepherds in tow.

About Us


Dan and Colette lived on the same street when they were students at UC Berkeley and would ride the same bus to campus together each morning. Dan spotted Colette and we fell in love instantly bonding over our love of adventure, sweets and shared childhood experiences. Together we have started a great story together, moving to LA after graduation to pursue careers, getting married on the cliffs of Mendocino, buying and fixing up our home together and rescuing two German Shepherds, Werner and Gretel. Every year we host Thanksgiving in our home starting preparations days in advanced and volunteering as a family the day before serving Thanksgiving to local homeless families. Together we have traveled the world visiting Thailand, India, Mexico and across the United States. We believe we can go anywhere and can do anything as long as we have each other to support one another and find humor of life together in anything. 

Our Approach to Parenting

Every child is unique, and we believe the best things parents can do is listen to their children’s needs and create a consistent parenting style based on that child’s needs. We both come from big, modern families with half siblings and siblings of siblings, and our child will be surrounded by cousins with so much love for each other because what bonds together a family is love not blood. We believe stability and structure are some of the most important things that parents can give to their children. We are both lifelong learners and we believe that parents are a child’s most important teachers and cannot wait to share our love of education with our child.  We plan to surround them with books, trips to museums and adventures around the world to learn about how cultures can be so different but still be connected by love, compassion and commitment to family. 

Hoping to meet you soon! 
Dan and Colette