Erin & Neil

Erin & Neil




As an expectant mother, thank you for considering us as we work to grow our family. It is our strongest desire to adopt a child, love them unconditionally, and raise them in an environment where family, faith, education, and respect for others are the top priorities. We are grateful that you are taking the time to learn more about us, and how we can provide a loving, nurturing, and affirming life for your baby. We are thankful that you are choosing life. And although we have never met, we are in awe of your courage, character, and commitment to your baby.

About Us

We met eight years ago at an Easter Sunday brunch hosted at the home of mutual friends. After talking for most of the afternoon, we knew that we had found something special. Just a few months later - the day after Christmas - Neil proposed, and Erin accepted! We were married the following May in front of our friends and family. Having children and creating a nurturing home have been on our hearts from the beginning, but we have been unable to conceive. Both Erin and Neil have active lives, and enjoy hiking, tennis, and paddle boarding together.

Faith is a key part of our lives, and we are active in our church community. Prayer is a key part of our daily life.

For many years, we worked in Washington DC, advising members of Congress. A few years ago, we moved to Southern California. Now, we run our own consulting firm out of our home giving us great flexibility with our schedule — an ideal situation for raising children. We live in the new community of Rancho Mission Viejo in southern Orange County.

We have one companion ready to have some company: our dog Sonoma. She is a very well-trained dog we adopted from a shelter. A mix of shepherd, Labrador, golden, and hound, Sonoma gets along very well with children and adults. She loves long walks, napping in the sunshine, and cuddling.

Family and friends are close by. Erin’s active and engaged parents live 15 minutes away, providing an important connection for a child. Erin’s older sister, along with her husband and two children, provide even more love, attention, and guidance for a child. All of our family members here in Southern California are strongly supportive of our desire to adopt and are eagerly looking forward to welcoming an addition to our family.


Our neighborhood has many new amenities, with a great number of them designed for families. Pools, sports grounds, tot parks, hiking trails, educational events, and sports leagues are steps away from our home. The beach is a short drive from our house, as are many other cultural, historical, and recreational sites.

About Erin

Erin is a native of Southern California. She was raised in San Clemente, the middle of three sisters. Through her parents, she learned that a loving family is the cornerstone of a healthy and happy life. As a young child, Erin knew that she wanted to be a mother one day. Her own mother provided her with amazing role model, which she continues to do to this day. A cheerleader and yearbook editor in high school, her love of history led her to earn her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland. Her love of policy and helping people started her on a career in Washington DC, where she worked on legislation and projects to help empower people to achieve their potential.


Erin loves to cook and is proud of her extensive collection of cookbooks and recipes. For Erin, cooking isn’t just about the food. It is about spending time with loved ones, passing on traditions, providing hospitality, and sharing hopes and dreams surrounded by those closest to her.

When she isn’t cooking amazing food or learning more about cuisine from other cultures, Erin is busy as an aunt to her nieces and nephews, spending time with her friends, and being a mentor to other women as they grow in their careers and and their lives.

About Neil

Neil grew up in New York and earned his undergraduate degree from The American University in Washington DC. He then lived in England and got his graduate degree from the University of Cambridge. Next, Neil lived in Virginia here he studied and graduated from the College of William and Mary Law School. Neil also spent the start of his career working on policy in Washington DC, and now enjoys working with his wife as they run their consulting firm.


Neil is an avid runner, paddle boarder, and baseball fan. He loves history, and has an extensive library of books about people, places, and events from all over the world. When Neil isn’t reading, running, or in the ocean, he enjoys spending time with his friends, attending Bible study, and being a loving husband, and uncle. He will always find time to try one of Erin’s newest culinary creations, and to catch a Yankees game on the radio.

Final thoughts


You have chosen life. We are praying that you will choose us to give your baby the best life they can possibly have. Our commitment to you is that if you choose us, your baby will be cherished, brought up with love, raised to respect others, understand the value of education and hard work, and the importance of family. For the rest of your baby’s life, they will be family. We are eager to welcome your child as our own and give them an amazing foundation of love and family that will positively shape their entire life. Thank you for getting to know us. And thank you for choosing adoption.

Thank you for considering us,

Erin and Neil