Jacqueline & Benjamin

Jacqueline & Benjamin


We truly appreciate that you have chosen to read our story and learn about our loving family. This is a very difficult decision for anyone, and we know it will take time to decide on the right family. By the end of this we will prove to you that we are the dedicated, responsible, and caring family that will love and nurture this child. My wife and I would have our lives enriched with this blessing and would provide all the support a family could. Thank you for showing interest in our family and we are so very excited to be a part of your story. 



This time and place in our lives is a perfect time to raise a child. Together with your permission we are determined to give everything we have. Jacqueline works in accounting and loves her career.  She is compassionate, intelligent, and a absolute joy to be around. Benjamin has completed and earned a bachelor’s degree in information system security. He is in a career that he loves and is excited for the future. Benjamin is smart, athletic and responsible. We love to travel and some of our favorite spots include Disneyland and San Diego. Sharing our time with a child would be very fulfilling. 



Teaching responsibility is important, and the start is to have a responsible mentor. Our family has strong values, morals and ethics. We believe in people and understand that life will be full of challenges and surprises. 

A child under our guidance will be ready for whatever comes and will always have us to help.


Being compassionate and growing up with the understanding that we must care for and help others is important. We are such a family that appreciates the small things in life. Treat people as you would like to be treated, lend a hand when in need and educate yourself to understand that people deserve a second chance. We believe in these values, allow us to care for this child and show them our commitment.

A child of our own


This moment is the beginning of our journey. Having a child be a part of our life would be a blessing we could not be any more thankful for. Your child would be loved as if he or she was our own. 

Take the time necessary to make your decision, it is one of utmost importance. We hope you decide to go with us and that we have helped ease your mind on our capabilities to love and raise this child.

With love from our family to you

Jacqueline and Benjamin