James + Alicia

Dear Birth Mom,

First, we want to acknowledge your courage and sacrifice in making this difficult decision. While we don’t yet know the challenges of your individual circumstances and exactly what you are going through, we pray that God’s grace, strength, and peace would be with you. We believe it is ultimately your love for your child and value for his/her life that has brought you to this decision. We are honored you are considering us to love and care for this precious life.

We are James and Alicia Mosley. We have been married for 12 years, and after years of infertility God gave us the most amazing blessing, our son Jaden, who we adopted four years ago at his birth. We are forever grateful for the gift his birth mom entrusted to us that made us a family of three. Knowing there is room in all of our hearts to love another baby, we are ready and excited to expand our family. We have always wanted more children, and Jaden has been longing and praying for a sibling.

The most important part of who we are is our faith in Jesus Christ. It impacts our parenting in that our priority is to honor God in the way that we parent. We want to teach our children to love God and others knowing that God first loved us. And by God’s grace, we pray that our children will grow in character as we attempt to lead them by example.
As a family, we enjoy spending time with family and friends, exercising, eating good food, and finding events to attend around town, whether it’s a classic car show, a free concert, a special event at a museum, or a festival. We especially value cultural enrichment through local experiences and travel. In Jaden’s four years, he has traveled to thirteen different states and made one international trip. We look forward to many more adventures both local and global.

We have been blessed to live in a spacious home with plenty of backyard space for play. Our neighborhood in Southern California is safe, racially diverse, and has numerous parks and award winning schools. Nearby colleges and universities additionally provide access to a range of academic, cultural, and recreational opportunities. We also live close to many extended family members, and they are eager to welcome a new baby into our family.

Jaden (our son)

Jaden is an active, inquisitive, and thriving four-year-old, and it’s an absolute delight watching him grow and learn. He has tons of energy and loves to read, ride his bike, pretend play, build with Legos, work on projects with Dad, and be around others. He also enjoys participating in soccer, swim, and music classes as well as church and Bible study groups. He has an engaging personality, an infectious laugh, and is a joy to be around.

(written by James)

Alicia is a wonderful wife and fantastic mother. I have known her for almost 19 years since college. As you will hopefully soon get to know, Alicia is exceedingly kind, thoughtful, relational, deeply caring, and extremely organized. She keeps our family connected to each other, friends and extended family. She enjoys entertaining, particularly when she can make elaborate meals for others.

As a mother, Alicia is dedicated, driven, and compassionate. As we stated earlier, we waited a while before a precious life was entrusted to us. Alicia did not take anything for granted. She poured over books to make sure we were giving Jaden everything he needed. In addition, prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, Alicia was a speech-language pathologist for Chicago Public Schools for 9 years. She has now transferred all of her training to teach and educate our child. Jaden has developed a large vocabulary early and has already started reading. In addition, she fills his day with many other fun and educational activities like craft projects, sports, music appreciation, and field trips. She has tenderly cared for Jaden, and I know that she will care for our next child with the same dedication, love, and affection.

(written by Alicia)

Anyone who knows James would say he is a friendly, easy going, fun loving kind of guy. He likes to laugh and is especially proud when he can get me to laugh at one of his jokes. Contrary to his light-hearted nature, his work as an interventional cardiologist involves serious and often life or death situations. But he loves what he does and works hard to care for his patients and provide for his family. To counter the weightiness of his work, he likes to relax with sports, music, dancing, movies, and games. He also enjoys taking care of the yard, learning how to repair things around the house, and tinkering with his hands, whether building or fixing.

I am blessed to have James as my husband. He is loyal, supportive, loving, and always willing to work on improving our relationship. In many ways, we balance each other out—he’s light-hearted, I’m more serious; he sees the big picture, I see the details; he’s spontaneous, I’m a planner. He likes to say that we make a good team. As a father, James is loving, gracious, playful, and inviting. Jaden loves to have fun with Daddy, who invites him to join in both work and play. Together, they wash the cars, weed the yard, fix things around the house, listen to music, dance, and play.

Thank you for considering our family as you make this difficult decision. We pray that God will guide you to the right home and family for your baby and surround you with comfort, grace, and peace during this challenging time in your life.

James, Alicia, & Jaden