Jenn & Brian

Jenn & Brian




We can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling! We welcome the opportunity to love and support you in any way possible while you make this courageous, selfless, and heroic decision. We want you to know that your child will have a life full of faith, love, adventure, support, and family if we are given the opportunity to share our hearts, home, and happiness with them.

We both feel blessed, humbled, and excited to be on this journey towards adoption together.  It is a lifelong dream and goal for both of us.  We believe that parenting is not about being perfect, but we intend to raise our children with God’s perfect love to help guide us. We want to thank you for considering us and will continue to pray for you and your baby.  

Our Beginnings:

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Our journey started 5 years ago when we started talking through social media and we were online friends’ months before we met.  We lived in different towns, so we met for our first date at a restaurant in Old Town Temecula.  Our lives were changed forever that day!  We had dinner, walked around the town, and ended up sitting at a piano bar singing and dancing and laughing until they closed.  We had so much fun that we decided to meet again the next day for an afternoon movie then dinner.  Life just seemed to make sense from that day forward as we learned about each other, how compatible we were, and how similar our values were.

We married over 3 years ago; our wedding was in the Spring at a beautiful private winery in Temecula’s wine country.  We chose it because of its beautiful background of a lake, vineyards, 1000’s of blooming flowers, mountains, and a rustic cabin.  We were blessed to have our family and close friends attend, and we still hear often how it was the most beautiful and fun wedding they have ever attended.  It was Jenn’s dream “country rustic” wedding.  She wore cowboy boots with her dress, and we feasted on BBQ.

About Us: 

Brian is a retired US Marine who completed his Master’s in Social Work and is currently working at a Southern California Veteran’s Affairs Hospital. Brian loves to read, run, travel in our RV, watch Detroit sports, and just relax with friends.  His favorite evenings are sitting around the campfire and telling jokes and stories with friends while camping.  Brian’s main interest is continuing to serve our country by working and supporting Veterans.  Lastly, Brian enjoys working with local youth as a mentor, coach, and counselor and can be described as hard-working, committed, funny, and fun.

Jenn is an Area Business Development Manager for a leading food service distributor where she gets to meet new customers and build relationships in the San Diego area.  Jenn has worked for the company for over 7.5 years and has been in the industry for 13 years.  It is a very fulfilling job that allows her to work from home. Jenn enjoys relaxing, spending time with close friends and family, BBQ’ing, camping, and swimming.    Finally, Jenn loves farmer’s markets and vintage antique shopping. Jenn is best described as loving, patient, and silly.  

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Her nickname is “Mama Jenn” because she is nurturing not only to her friends but to their children as well.

We have two boxer dogs named Rocky and Penny and one kitty named Honey! They keep us active and always laughing.

Together, our favorite memories are our annual Florida trip that we take in the summer with our best friends. We are known as the “Vacation Squad”!   We spend a week renting boats, paddle boarding, relaxing at the beach, cooking dinners together, playing board games, and lounging in the pool.  Our favorite part is when we go on an airboat ride near Panama City to look for alligators and dolphins, and just enjoy the quiet, scenic rivers of Florida.  Jenn got to hold a baby alligator on our last trip!  Our vacation is full of laughter, fun, sun, and spending quality time with our friends.

Our Home/Community:


We live in a beautiful gated community which is filled with parks and pools.  The most fun part is we live on a street which is the most popular street on Halloween.  All the kids come trick-or-treating on our street to enjoy all the candy and the decorations! We live in a remodeled, 2-story, suburban home.  We have a large home with a nursery already setup in hopes that one day God will bless us with a child.  Our home has a country rustic feel complete with sliding barn doors and all!  Jenn loves decorating our home for every season, especially Christmas, and we have family pictures and quotes on many of the walls in our home.  Our home is warm and inviting with plenty of space to play and enjoy childhood activities.  Brian has many military awards, flags flown around the world, displayed uniforms, and other Marine Corps items that he hopes to share and pass on to his children. 

We also live within an hour of Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Sea World, Legoland, the San Diego Safari Zoo, and many other kid friendly SoCal destinations.  We love the outdoors and are able to camp in our RV at local beaches, parks, mountains, and lakes.


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We began our relationship with early discussions about adoption.  Both of us have close friends and family that have been blessed through adoption and we have always known that adoption would be a part of our journey.  We did try to conceive, but we were faced with unforeseen infertility.  We believe that God has a plan for us, and we are ready to multiply our love through the miracle of adoption.


We believe that adoption is one of the most beautiful miracles.  When birth parents and adoptive parents decide to bless a child with so much love, there are few things, if any, that rival it.  Adoption is ultimately about people sharing a great love for a child and we know that we want to share in this selfless and heroic process with a strong and brave birth mother: a woman who will forever be a part of our family and will be forever connected through love.

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about our family. We truly wish you the best in the future and pray that God gives you peace during your journey.

With love,

Brian and  Jenn