Josh & Jenny

We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our story and why we want to be parents and how our adoption journey has led us to you.

I struggled to hold back tears, but could not hide the emotion in my voice as I recounted the most profound loss that could have occurred. I had just come out of the anesthesia after emergency surgery to remove my ovaries. Was it a dream? Had this really happened? Right after I regained consciousness, I saw my mother and asked, “Did I lose both ovaries?” My mother, in tears, could only nod her head. It did not compute. The most important thing to me up to this point was being a mom. I had felt this way for as long as I could remember. In the fog of anesthesia, I laid there with tears streaming, knowing that my innate desire could not happen. I would not be able to have children.

I was 21 and had my whole life ahead of me. Studying vocal performance at Utah Valley State College, with aspirations to be an opera singer, my journey had changed from that moment forward.

Four years of depression followed. Even moving back home and having a great support system could not erase what had happened, but something pushed me to move forward. At 23, I started working for a dermatology practice and quickly moved into a management role, which I held for many years. I discovered a love for running, yoga and living a healthy lifestyle that completely changed my outlook. Hope had returned.

As the years progressed, I watched my siblings have children and quickly became content with being an aunt. I loved taking care of my nieces and nephews and would always jump at the chance to help my sisters with the kids. Joy returned and filled my heart. I was no longer wallowing in depression, but felt gratitude that God had given me a second chance at life, I wanted to share this joy and gratitude with my family and friends.

In 2010, I met Josh at a friend’s party. It was as though we were already friends. Conversation flowed naturally, and we talked for hours. We had so many common interests and passions that we exchanged numbers and texted all week.

Josh had also studied music in college and had a passion for fitness. He had never really done yoga but seemed open to it, so I invited him to hot yoga a week after we met.

Not knowing what to expect, I showed up and was shocked at how hot the room was before we had even started, but I was interested in this girl and did not want to back out, so I braved the class and somehow managed to complete it. Afterwards, we talked for hours and I asked her to go out on a proper date the following night.

I totally remember the night as if it was yesterday. It was February 13, we met for dinner and a movie, and again we talked and talked for hours. It was natural and easy from the start. Only a short 14 months later we were married and starting our lives together.

From the moment we started talking about marriage, the subject of kids came up and we quickly decided that we would adopt. We both come from large families and we both desired to raise our own family together. We look forward to sharing our passion for music, fitness and travel.

More about my upbringing… Raised with my four siblings and in Southern California, I spent most of my childhood being active in the outdoors, having an interest in hiking, biking and swimming in the ocean that I maintain today. Not a day goes by that I don’t try to be involved in some outdoor activity.

As an adult, I became extremely involved in yoga, Pilates and meditation. I have an amazing set of friends who I have met along the way that are always there to support me.

I want to be a mother because I love children and have always felt the need to be a mother. There is something in me that always needs to take care of and nurture children. I light up with joy every time I am with my many nieces and nephews. They all run up to me and give me big hugs and love. I seem to have a special bond with all of them.

I grew up with five siblings in a mixed family where we moved around a bit for my father’s job. I was an athlete growing up and played any sport my parents would let me try, from baseball to soccer to ice hockey. My parents always encouraged my creative side as well, at one point letting me take piano, saxophone, violin and guitar lessons at the same time (Thanks Mom and Dad!). In the end, guitar won out and I studied classical guitar as an undergrad ultimately receiving a bachelors and master’s degree in classical guitar performance.

As an adult, I taught classical guitar for many years and tutored kids in multiple subjects but somehow find myself working in software these days. It pays the bills, but my true passion will always be teaching, playing and creating music. I cannot wait to share this passion with our kids. To me, music is universal and can convey more than words ever can.

I want to be a dad, so I can encourage my kids’ passions and nurture their creative side. I know that because my parents did this for me, I have a profound appreciation for the beauty that we can create and compassion and empathy for others.

Being parents means the world to us and we are grateful that the gift of adoption gives us the chance to experience this. It is a profound and moving gift that you would even consider choosing us to raise your baby. We sincerely want you to make the best decision for your baby and you!

Please know that we will provide the most loving home for your child to ensure that they have a great life and are always encouraged to pursue their dreams and passions.

We know that this is not an easy decision, but hope our story helps you to feel comforted about where we come from and what we hope to provide for your baby. We hope that this will give you hope in your own life and that you will consider us to parent your baby.

Thank you for reading our story and God bless.

With love and gratitude,

Jenny & Josh