Kara & Hayden

Kara & Hayden



Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family. We hope that learning about us, our home and our family makes you feel more at ease about this incredibly important decision you are making.

Please know how much we admire your strength and courage as you consider an adoption plan. No matter what you decide for yourself and your sweet new baby, we wish you nothing but the best in your journey.

Thanks again for getting to know us!

With love,

Kara, Hayden and Benjamin


This photo taken immediately after we got engaged in Switzerland

This photo taken immediately after we got engaged in Switzerland

We met on a flight to Chicago in 2007. Hayden was traveling for business and Kara for fun. We bumped into each other in the galley and struck up a conversation for several hours. Needless to say, it was an amazing flight for both of us! So much so that we got engaged in 2009 and married a year later.

We then had our son Benjamin in 2014!

Since we live in Southern CA where the weather is great all year long, we spend a ton of time outdoors. Our home is right by the ocean in a cute beach town, so we love taking long walks on the beach together. We also love going on local hikes, visiting Disneyland, our local zoos, aquariums, museums, and so many other great spots for families.

Travelling is also something we are very passionate about. Together, we have visited many places all over the world including Hawaii, Switzerland, Germany, London and Paris and then a little closer to home, New York, Florida and Vail. Since Benjamin was born, he has joined us on all of our trips and we are so excited to continue this tradition soon with a new baby. Showing our children, the world and introducing them to new cultures is something that means a lot to both of us.

We do almost everything together as a family, which not only includes memorable trips and holidays, but also all the normal, everyday stuff like grocery shopping, running errands and having dinner together every night. Dinner is our favorite time together, where we get to just sit down and be together as a family, talking about our day.


The path to adoption started for Kara when she was young. Over the years, she has met several close friends who were adopted. She has always believed that these friends being adopted into great families was a beautiful thing and has felt a tremendous amount of respect for the decisions their birth mothers made.

When we started to discuss having a family, we quickly learned that we shared the same feelings towards adoption. Now that Benjamin is four, we just feel so strongly that this is the perfect time to grow our family.

As parents, we plan on teaching our children about responsibility, knowing the difference between right and wrong, self-esteem, empathy, gratitude, the ability to deal with adversity and kindness to all living beings. We will provide a supportive, happy and healthy life with great experiences - birthdays, holidays, beach days, family vacations, games, sports, charity work, etc. We will do everything in our power to provide our children every opportunity to pursue their dreams, no matter what they are.

Above all else, we will provide our children a lifetime of endless love.

KARA (by Hayden)


Kara has a heart of gold and is the most understanding person I know. She does not judge and treats everyone with acceptance and kindness. She is the perfect balance of warm, fun, adventurous and responsible. Some of Kara's hobbies are traveling, hiking, skiing and animals. She loves getting a group of friends together and going to the local comedy club. She also loves live music of almost all kinds and gets especially excited when we go to the Grammy's every year!


When it comes to our family, I like to say that Kara is pretty much the glue that keeps us all so happy and close together. She is our very own Super-Mom! She is loving, energetic and funny and she keeps our household running like clockwork. You name it, she has it covered. While she is taking care of all of these amazing things, she is also laughing a lot and having fun, and it rubs off on all of us. Have I mentioned that she really loves having pajama dance parties with us?!

Kara has always had a passion for food and eventually, she would like to start her own specialty foods business focused on healthy foods (that also taste great). For now though, we feel so fortunate that Kara can be a stay at home Mom, a role she is most thankful for and which she is loving every second of!

HAYDEN (by Kara)

Hayden is a Dad that loves to be involved with everything in our family. He gets really excited to take Benjamin to do all kinds of fun activities like music and swim classes, soccer, t-ball, running around the park, playing ball and building sand castles at the beach. He is a really fun Dad - he and Benjamin can be heard laughing together all the time. He loves reading books to Benjamin and spends a ton of time teaching him about everything around the house and the neighborhood. He is a true family man, a wonderful provider and is an excellent role model for Benjamin in all aspects of life.

Hayden works a 9 to 5 job in the entertainment industry. He has worked hard his entire life and is very much a "work hard play hard" kind of guy. He is a very strong believer in education and has already started a college fund for Ben and whomever we are fortunate enough to adopt. He is committed to sending his kids to any college they would like.

In Hayden's spare time, he loves to do all kinds of outdoor activities like running on the beach, surfing, playing soccer, hiking, golfing and skiing. Other hobbies include playing music (guitar and piano), attending live concerts, following all the latest science and technology breakthroughs and doing photography. He also volunteers his time to provide mentorship and guidance to young aspiring professionals. On top of all that, he makes an incredible banana pancake breakfast every weekend that we all love.


Benjamin is a super happy kid and an all-around fun loving little guy. He laughs hysterically when getting tickled, when he plays chase around the house with Mom and when Dad makes funny faces at him. He is not lacking in energy whatsoever! He really loves reading his books at night and takes enough time on each page to point out every object he sees in the pictures, he has quite an attention for details! When he was a baby he was really into the moon, so we would go outside every night before bed and see whether we can spot it in the sky, at which point he would say "mooooooon!". Recently he has gotten really into learning more about stars, planets and loves watching rocket launch podcasts with his Dad! At night he always falls asleep cuddling with his stuffed animal "Bunny", which is one of the cutest things we have ever seen. Sometimes he likes to bring his plastic toolset into bed as well 

We have seen Benjamin with other children, be it his cousins or other neighborhood kiddos, and he is such a sweet and gentle boy. We know he will be the best big brother and will definitely shower a new baby with lots of hugs and kisses!


We recently moved into a home with a large flat backyard with tons of grass for playing. It is sunny, bright and cheerful. We both really love cooking, and each have our own specialties. Kara makes an amazing lasagna and Hayden cooks a mean Cowboy Burger. The family room has plenty of room to play, watch movies together or just relax. We also have a separate playroom for Benjamin with lots of fun and educational toys. At night, we always give Benjamin a bath, after which Hayden reads several books to him in bed. We have a small dog “Sunny”, that is as gentle as can be. Sunny loves going to sleep next to Ben at night.

Our little beach town is a wonderful and extremely safe community. Our neighbors all know each other and look out for one another. The parents get extremely involved in their children's lives and the community. The school system is one of the best in the country (one of the main reasons we chose to live here). The school is also only a few neighborhood blocks away, so we can walk to school which is fun. Our home is only a few blocks from the beach which we walk to several times a week, either to play during the day or watch sunsets together. There are 6 parks within walking distance of our home, as well as many walking and bike paths, playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, and tennis and basketball courts. There are also many other kids that live on our street, so our children will have plenty of local friends to play with.


We have several family members who live just a short distance from us and who are really present in our lives. Benjamin's Aunt and Uncle and their 2 daughters (who are Ben's 4 and 6-year-old cousins) live just a few streets over from us. Benjamin loves playing with the girls, at least while they're not dressing him up in tiaras and boas!

Benjamin's other Aunt and Uncle both live within a couple of miles and love spending time with him as well. Grandma and Grandpa also live within driving distance and see us a couple times per month. Grandma in particular has a ton of energy and does lots of fun stuff with Benjamin like going to the pumpkin patch, the zoo and merry-go-round. Benjamin's other Grandparents live in Colorado, but they fly out to see us almost every month. They are loads of fun and the kids have always especially loved being with Grandpa Butch! Benjamin and the girls can hardly wait to see him. He is a kid at heart and will get on the ground and play with Benjamin for hours. We have been blessed with a close-knit family. Everyone has been incredibly excited about our plans to further grow our family through adoption and cannot wait to welcome another little baby into our world!



Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and consider us for becoming the adoptive parents for your baby. We understand that life is unpredictable at times and sometimes is out of our control. We have so much respect for your bravery and decision to do what is best for you and your baby. If it is us you choose to go down this journey with, we are making an unbreakable promise to you that your baby will receive a lifetime of unconditional love from all of us.

With all of our hearts,

Kara, Hayden and Benjamin