Leann & Josh

Leann & Josh


Dear Friend,

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We are so thankful that you are taking the time to look at our profile! We know this is one of the most difficult decisions you will be faced with in your lifetime. We are in awe of your bravery and are so thankful that you are considering us in your search for adoptive parents for your child.

If you choose us, we promise that we will love, nurture, protect and help your child grow into the amazing person they were meant to become. Thanks so much for taking the time to read about us and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in this journey, no matter what you choose!

About Us

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Leann and I met in college when I applied for a summer job as a host at a local restaurant where she was working, and she was assigned to train me. As it turned out we both happened to be in the same 7:40am accounting class… which was super boring, but we really enjoyed studying together! After dating for three years I surprised Leann with a marriage proposal on my birthday when she would least expect it and she said yes! About a year later we were married here in Arizona. Since that fateful day we’ve bought a home with a nice big backyard, and we’ve built a family with two amazing little boys, and three dogs (the dogs are pretty great too :) ).

About Leann, by Josh

  • Age: 39

  • Occupation: Stay at Home Mom, PTSO President, Freelancer

  • Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series and Lord of the Rings

  • Favorite place: Home

  • Can’t Live Without: My Family

  • Perfect Day: We would relax at home, make a delicious big breakfast, play board games and watch a movie.

 “Leann is full of laughter, full of love and I can’t imagine a better person to raise a family with”

Leann is gorgeous. I don’t mean that she’s just gorgeous looking (she is!) but she’s beautiful in her character, her desire to help others, and in her love for life and adventure in general. It’s not possible to adequately express in words just how amazing my beautiful wife is and just how lucky I am to be with her. She’s an amazing mother to our boys, constantly making them laugh and helping them learn and be better versions of themselves each and every day. She’s an amazing wife, always making sure we have time together and supporting me in whatever goal I set. Lastly, she’s an amazing friend, consistently going out of her way to help others. I can also tell you that she’s full of laughter, full of love and that I can’t imagine a better person to go through life and raise a family with.

About Josh, by Leann

  • Age: 39

  • Occupation: Software Developer

  • Favorite Movie: The Matrix

  • Favorite place: Northern Michigan on the lake

  • Can’t Live Without: My MacBook & Google Pixel

  • Perfect Day: In northern Michigan, boating and relaxing with family & friends, dinner at our favorite restaurant and back to the cabin for smores by the fire while looking at the stars!

 “Josh has a great way of helping people see the good in things and believing they can do great things”

When I first met Josh I was drawn to how inspiring he is! I love that Josh is always there with a smile. He is so friendly, positive and happy that he can change anyone’s mood around him. Josh is also an amazing dad to our 2 boys. He always makes time for them whether it is coaching their sports team, playing board games or building wood crafts! Josh is a great role model and I hope the boys turn out to be just like him when they grow up. Josh and I have been through a lot over the years and our bond grows stronger and stronger! Josh works hard to provide for our family and spend as much time with us as he can. He has a great job that allows him to take long vacations in the summer and have extra time over the holidays with family. Josh makes every single day fun!

About Our Children

Ethan (10) is an awesome big brother! He is happy, empathetic, has a fantastic sense of humor, very social (started a “Tie club” at school), genuine, caring, thoughtful, sharing, smart and imaginative – he likes to be a leader and create new games. 

He has been asking for a baby sister for years. In school, he even wrote down that if he had one wish, then he would ask for a baby sister. He loves playing board/card games, learning instruments, programming, reading, and sports.

“Ethan’s an awesome big brother and his one wish is to have a baby sister!”

Kalvin (8) has a real love of life! He is confident, adventurous, athletic, smart, has a great sense of humor. He’s competitive, protective, rough and tumble and stands up for himself. Kalvin loves all sports but he really enjoys practicing “hallway football” with Josh and Ethan. He also has fun playing board/card games, telling stories, taking pictures, being imaginative and playing with toys.

“Kalvin has a real love of life and will be the strong protector for his baby sister”

Our Home/Community

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We live in a two-story house that is in the middle of this amazing community in Arizona. Lots of grass and play areas with trees lining the streets. The neighborhood itself feels like you are back in the Midwest and you frequently see families riding bikes, walking dogs, or playing in the parks. The community offers big events and things for families to do together like movies in the park, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas light walks. We've got lots of room for guests in our home and a big backyard with a splash pad!

Why Adoption?

We have spent the last five years trying to conceive in hopes of adding a little girl to our family without success. But we think everything happens for a reason and that brings us to you. You’re looking for a great home and future for your child and we are looking to share our happiness, love, and lives with another child. While this may not have been the path we originally expected to grow our family, we cannot wait to connect with someone, hopefully YOU, who thinks we would be the perfect adoptive parents for their baby.

We would love to have an open adoption, if that’s what you’re interested in. Everything we've read and researched on adoption supports it and we feel like it’s the right thing to do in our heart. We plan to share the adoption story with the child from the beginning and we hope that you would be actively involved in that process

Our Promise

  • We promise to provide your child with a safe home.

  • We promise to provide your child unconditional love.

  • We promise to be positive role models to your child and teach her to love.

  • We promise that our home will be filled with peace and joy.

Interesting facts about Josh & Leann:

  • Leann holds the family record for largest/most-complex puzzle successfully put together (over 1000 pieces, and working on a 2000 piece one now)

  • Josh was certified to fly a helicopter solo (but never got his license... so don't ask him to fly you anywhere 🙂)

  • The boys love football and Kal is obsessed with the NFL... the two of them had their own team in our fantasy football league last year and took first place (and everyone's money)!

  • We've traveled as a family to Europe, Hawaii, and Alaska!

  • Leann can still do cartwheels … but please don't ask her to show you her backflip skills... it scares Josh when she attempts to relive her cheerleading glory days!

  • Josh is an avid sand-volleyball player and plays a sport called "ultimate ball" every week.

  • Ethan can read a 500-page book in about 4 days... Kal is close behind that!

  • Leann runs our school's parent/teacher organization and frequently organizes events for 250+ people, which stresses Josh out way more than Leann! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you

Thank you for reading our profile and considering us. The amount of courage it takes to walk through this decision-making process is something we absolutely respect and something we wish you comfort in. Should we be the family that is fortunate enough to parent your child we look forward to talking with you and getting to know each other better. We are excited to build a meaningful and lasting relationship that will ensure your child grows up loved by all of us. We wanted to close by not only thanking you for taking the time to read through all this material and look at all our pictures but also to tell you just how excited we are as a family. We’re excited to grow our family and we’re excited to give this little girl coming into the world an amazing environment filled with laughter, love, and energy! As a family, we’ll rally around each other and around this newest member and make sure she has the happiest and most rewarding childhood we can give her! In short, we can’t wait to embark on this next adventure together!

With all our love,

 Josh, Leann, Ethan and Kalvin