Maria & Tom

Maria & Tom


Just as you are reading this profile to determine quality adoptive parents, Maria and Tom found one another on an online dating website nine years ago. After a couple years of dating, we married in October of 2012. Our modern love story is highlighted with personal and professional growth, fun, excitement, adventure and travel. We decided to share our good fortune with a child, by giving her the love, security, education and experiences a couple in our position is capable of providing

With the help of Familybuilding we adopted Hayden Roderick in 2016.

For the last three years we’ve been a happy threesome. Hayden’s growth and development has been our number one priority. At six weeks old she began swimming lessons and by six months she owned a passport and had become a world traveler on our family vacation to Belize. She also loves to read books, play educational games on her iPad, and spend as much time as possible playing outdoors. 

As fun and satisfying as having Hayden as our daughter has been, we’ve come to realize we have more to give to another child. A second adoption will not only allow us to provide a wonderful home for a new son or daughter, it will provide Hayden a sibling — a best friend for life and a family member for each of them to have after we have departed.

Adoption, you can say, runs in the family. Tom’s younger brother, Todd, and his wife, Rachel, adopted their first child, Braxton, a few years before Hayden. Braxton is a wonderful boy and, in many ways, was the inspiration for our adoption. They are also considering a sibling for Braxton.


We lead an active lifestyle that includes many outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, motorcycling, bike riding, and windsurfing. We also like to travel to tropical places such as Tahiti, Cancun, Puerto Rico and have plans to visit Maria’s homeland in the Philippines sometime soon.

In conjunction with the fun and excitement is blended numerous hours of work and professional responsibility. Our businesses, Hartwell Home Care and Carriage Crest Homecare are adult residential facilities where we provide care for adults with developmental disabilities. Maria is also a registered nurse working part-time at Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital, while Tom is a former magazine editor who occasionally freelances. 

Maria is 44 and is originally from the Philippines. She moved to the United States in 1986 with her family. Maria is the second youngest of her family, which is made up of her mother Lourdes and father Joe, a younger brother Joe and an older brother Rex. She also has two older sisters, Lea and Gemma. By nature, she is a kind and giving individual who provides care for both her patients at the hospital, as well as the residents of our home care facilities. 

Tom is 48 and is from a smaller family made up of his mother, Marylouise, and younger brother, Todd. Originally from a small town in Ohio, Tom moved to California in 1989 and has lived in San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Atlanta and Southern California. His former profession as a journalist has taken him to countries across Europe and beyond. He’s actively involved with Heartwell and Carriage Crest and has assimilated well with Maria’s extended family of Auntie’s, Uncle’s, nieces and nephews. 

Although different in our backgrounds and ethnicities, we have created a balance between work and fun with enough room to expand our family to four. Another child upon which to bestow a wonderful home life of love, growth and personal development. 


We thank you so much for taking the time to consider us as possible adoptive parents for your child and look forward to meeting you in person to see if we’re an acceptable match for providing your boy or girl with the type parenting you desire for your child. We promise to do our very best in providing him or her with the love, nurturing and promise for a bright future every parent desire for their child. 


Maria & Tom