Natalie & Carl

Natalie & Carl


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and our loving family.  We can only imagine how difficult this time may be for you as you face entrusting your precious baby’s life with another family. Your courage in choosing to bring this baby into the world and finding him or her the best possible nurturing home to grow up in, is inspiring. 


It all began when we met in high school in Vienna, Austria. Both of our fathers were in the U.S. foreign service and married foreign-born women. Natalie’s mother is originally French and Carl’s mother is originally German. The two moms became good friends. 

Although we lived down the street from each other, rode the same school bus, and sat next to each other in Algebra classes, we didn’t date.  However, it seemed like there was always an unspoken chemistry, but each of us too shy to act on it. Natalie even made a wish on her 15th birthday to marry Carl and have a big family! Carl had no idea. 

We lost touch after high school and reconnected on Facebook years later. The attraction was still there and we knew right away that we shared a very special connection. Destiny brought us back together and gave us an unbelievable appreciation and gratitude for each other. Our parents were over the moon. Their healthy and loving relationships are what we emulate. Not one day goes by without saying I love you. Our families are very close and full of support. 


Natalie and I were raised Catholic and truly believe that miracles can and do come true. We lead a life based on faith, hard work, honesty, love, and respect for others.  For us, life is about family, friendships and embracing what the world has to offer.  These core values are wha t  we hope to share and instill in raising our children.


Our daughter, Sophia, is 8 years old and she is the light of our lives.  We have been dreaming and wishing to grow our family.  After following a path of surgeries and IVF, we were crushed when things did not go as planned.  It was grueling physically as well as emotionally. However, we believe everything happens for a reason and we have faith that God has a plan for us. We are not looking to fill a void but to provide a loving home. The three of us are so excited about this path and cannot wait to add a new bundle of joy to our lives. 



After living in Europe, Virginia and Texas, we have made Southern California our home.  We both like to keep active and enjoy yoga, golf, dancing, hiking, boating, and skiing.  Exploring local sites and experiencing the arts and other cultures are important to us.  It is not unusual to hear German, French or Spanish spoken in our home as we encourage and appreciate the value of learning foreign languages.  We love to travel, especially to visit Natalie’s family in Virginia or to see Carl’s parents who moved back to Vienna, Austria.

Carl is a senior financial manager for a traffic safety company and Natalie is a marketing manager for resort properties in Newport Beach. Although we both enjoy our careers, family comes first and we keep a healthy work life balance.


We hope our story gives you comfort in knowing that as parents, we will love your child unconditionally every day of our lives and raise him or her in the most nurturing home possible.  Natalie and I are excited to meet you and want you to know how grateful we would be should you choose us.  We look forward to answering any questions that you may have as you continue your journey to find the best possible parents for your baby.

With everything, 

Carl and Natalie