Patrick + Brittany


We are so grateful that you are considering us to possibly parent and adopt your baby. We know that you are making a difficult decision for you and your baby, and we hope that we could only make the decision easier by showing you how much love we can provide your child. Although we may not know one another yet, our hearts go out to you and we admire your strength, love, and courage for choosing the path of adoption for your precious child!


How We Met and Where We Are Now

unnamedPatrick and I are high school sweethearts. We have been
together for 13 years now, married for 7. Patrick works as a High School teacher. He teaches college courses for business and marketing, and is a Marketing Director/Business partner with Brittany’s mothers’ family company. Brittany works as a Registered Nurse, in a hospital, working with people with Mental Health illnesses. She has been a nurse for 4 years now.

We found out we could not have children in 2013, because of some past medical issues I (Brittany) had. We have always loved children, especially watching our nieces and nephews. We only hoped we could have one of our own someday. That someday happened, in July of 2014. We were blessed with a sweet baby girl, Oakley thru adoption. Oakley will be 3 in July this year, and we feel that it is a great time to add another little bundle of joy to our family. Oakley is at the age of wanting a brother or sister, and we love the fact that they can be close in age, and become the best of friends.


What Brittany Loves About Patrick

If I had to choose 3 words to describe Patrick, I would choose: Compassionate, Determined, and Kind Hearted. When Ifirst met Patrick in high 9school, I knew just after a few months of dating him that I wanted to be his wife and wanted to share the joys of parenthood with him. Patrick is a very compassionate guy, he puts his heart into everything he does. He works so hard to provide for our daughter and me and to be able to live the life we want. He has so much passion for his job, his wife and daughter, and the students that he teaches.

Since we were blessed with our daughter thru adoption, Patrick has turned into an amazing new person I fell in love with even more than when we first met. 1To see his smile when he first walks in the door, to giving our daughter millions of kisses after a long day of work, he has stolen my heart all over again. He is an amazing father. He loves to teach her, cook with her, play “tea party,” take her to basketball practices, read her books, sing to her, and most of all, love her. Oakley is two and half years old, and she already knows her manners really well. She knows that you have to work hard to play hard, to a certain point only a two year old would know. Patrick is the light in her eyes, and she has him wrapped around her little fingers. He has shown and will continue to show her the values of respect, love, courage, and great work ethic. He brings me home flowers after a long week, or a hard day working with taxing patients. Instead of bringing one bouquet, he brings home two so Oakley has her own set of flowers from “Daddy.” I love that he is teaching her how daddies should treat mommies. I love him with all my heart and can’t wait to see his daddy skills bless another baby.



What Patrick Loves About Brittany

If I had to choose 3 words to describe Brittany they would be: committed, patient, and nurturing. Another way to describe her would be that she makes me want to not only be a better husband, but to be a better father. I see how patient and nurturing she is to our daughter and she does such a fantastic job, it makes me want to do and be better. I love seeing her do artsy crafts with our daughter, playing with her on the swing set and trampoline.

One of my favorite things to see is how our daughter can’t help but admire Brittany while she gets ready doing her hair and makeup. Our daughter is so enamored with Brittany, she wants to be just like her. Putting on makeup, wearing her heels around the house, and even wearing her stethoscope trying to be a caring and loving nurse
like her mommy. Her love, patience, and kindness is unwavering. No matter what our 3daughter does, no matter how frustrated or tired Brittany may be after a long shift at work, the love, kindness, and compassion is always there. If only you could see my wife as she glows spending time with our daughter, you can’t help but smile and feel warm inside as your heart feels full.5
I can’t wait to have another baby be blessed and to share all of the love, kindness, patience and nurturing that our daughter experiences from Brittany now.



About Our Daughter Oakley

Oakley was born July 18, 2014 in California. She is a spicy little Latina, with the most uplifting spirit. She brightens the room as soon as she enters it. She is so lovable, caring, sweet, and definitely a little spit fire. She loves playing with her cousins, friends at pre-school, coloring, playing with her dogs and bunny, watching Elmo or her favorite movies, jumping on the trampoline, or her playground in the backyard. She is so smart, and she says the funniest things. I think my (Brittany) most favorite thing about her, is how gentle and caringIMG_2088 she is. If you are having a bad day, she knows just what to do to make you feel better. Whether it is hugs and kisses, making a silly face, giving you snuggles, anything, she just has this touch to make you better. She is the best little girl we could ever ask for, and she is so excited to have a baby brother or sister. I know she would be a great big sister, and that she will always have their back for anything. She loves to help around the house, and play with her dollies, change their clothes, and tuck them into bed. I could see her being a huge advocate to her sibling, and getting into the utmost trouble together as they become best friends.



Patrick & Brittany