Ryan & Sara

About a decade ago, there was a song on the radio that played all the time. I (Sara) would hear it on my way to or from work and it brought tears to my eyes every single time. The line, “God blessed the broken road that lead me straight to you” seemed like my own words, I felt them so intimately. I felt silly at first, but then I told Ryan about it and he smiled and said he felt the exact same thing. We had both felt heartache, hopes disappointed, plans ruined; all fairly normal things that people feel. But we had (and still have) the overwhelming confidence that God blessed our individual broken roads that lead to each other.

We wonder if our road is leading us to you, dear birth mother.
Ryan and I have always felt a strong pull toward adoption. We just thought it would be something we did because we wanted to, not because we needed to. But it turns out we hope to adopt a child because we want to and need to.

Our Story

Ryan (now 39) and I (now 38) met through mutual friends, a few years after I graduated from college, and we totally hit it off. The only obstacle was that Ryan lived about 500 miles away. We didn’t let the miles interfere, though. In fact, over the course of our first eleven months, we talked on the phone for countless hours, which made us the best of friends while we fell in love. We got married the following summer (2005) and have enjoyed eleven anniversaries.

We thought we’d do the “normal” thing and wait a year after getting married to have a baby. I was a high school English teacher and Ryan worked for a homebuilder. We had (and still have) an awesome Christian church, hobbies, date nights and other very normal things that kept us busy and enjoying life. It seemed that our road was smooth and predictable. One year became three and still no baby. Around year five we chose to move forward with fertility interventions and on our second IVF we were blessed with our little miracle daughter (2014). I fast-forwarded through the valley of infertility only because it is difficult to put into words what that season was like. Those were hard years for Ryan and me. Period. But (and I’m so happy there is a “but”) we have a stronger faith and marriage because of it.

Our Future

This new stretch of road (to continue with the earlier metaphor) has been smooth and filled with peace and joy. Ryan is enjoying his job, working as a construction superintendent for a homebuilder, and I get to stay home full time to parent our daughter.
We find ourselves longing for a baby and have been praying that God would make it clear to us and to one birth mother that Ryan and I are meant to parent her child. It feels funny to tell you, but we already love this child as our own. We pray each night, with our little daughter, for a baby for our family. We pray for you, dear birth mother, to know that you are loved and honored for your life and the life that you carry. May you find peace in this process and know that you are not alone.

With love,

Ryan and Sara