Dear Birth Parent(s):

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I have longed to be a parent for many years.  Having a baby has been one of the biggest challenges in my life and yet I know I am meant to be a mom.  As you take this step in considering an adoption plan, I would be honored in joining you on your journey.

I have no doubt that the decision you are making is rooted in the strength and love you already have for your child.  My wish is for the opportunity for us to get to know each other and a build a lifelong relationship, so that your baby can have the best possible future filled with love and laugher.  I hope this letter will give you a glimpse into my life and the life I would love to offer your child. I look forward to meeting you.

About Me


I’m a California native and enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures. As a young child, I enjoyed tap, ballet, and jazz classes, and especially loved being in the dance recitals! Whether this child enjoys dancing, karate, art, or basketball, I believe in nurturing the individual and look forward to the excitement in their eyes when they find something (or many things) they love to do.  

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My dad was a teacher when I was growing up, so during the summers we could travel to various places as a family. I followed in my dad’s footsteps and became a teacher and enjoy teaching my students.  Teaching will also allow me to be home a lot with my child and share my love of travel with them.


My parents have been happily married for 51 years.  I also have a sister, aunt, and two male cousins both of whom are married with young children.  One cousin lives in Northern California and my aunt and other cousin live in Oregon. We are all close, talk often, and visit each other at least once a year.  Everyone is so excited to welcome a niece or nephew and cousin to the family. Whether it’s trips to the coast, having bar-b-ques, or going sightseeing, we all have a wonderful time when we’re together.  I also have several close friends and we are always there for each other when needed. Everyone is so excited for me to become a mom and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by a village of support and love.


I live in Southern, CA. My community is very family oriented and rich in history and culture.  We have many parks, bike/hiking trails, museums, and many multi-cultural events such as the Chinese Lunar festival, Mariachi festival, and EL Dia de Los Muertos night.  I own my own home and my neighborhood is quiet, child friendly, and we even get together on the 4th of July and watch the fireworks from our street which shoot off from the nearby mountain.  

I have an Australian Sheppard named Cutie who is 11 years old.  All she wants to do is be petted and loved, and she is so tender and sweet with children.  I try to take her with me as much as I can and we always take evening walks around the neighborhood. Her favorite thing to do is to take a walk to the wetlands near the beach.

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As a teacher, I feel very confident and excited at the prospect of becoming a parent. I spend my days fostering my students’ curiosity about the world around them and am so thrilled at the thought of being able to inspire my future child in these ways as well.

I know that my dad and my cousins will be positive male role models in this child’s life. They are kind, loving and can’t wait to be a big part of my future child’s life as he or she grows up.  Whether or not I decide to marry again at some point in the future, my relationship with my child will always be my top priority.

I also know that honesty is the best policy, therefore, I plan to share the child’s birth story with them from the very beginning, talking to them about their adoption story, of how we became a family, and about the strength and love that went into this difficult decision.  I hope to create a lasting relationship with you so he or she can also hear all of these important things from you as well, and have all of the benefits of open adoption. He or she will see the love from both of us and how we came together to create this beautiful plan for them.

About Mom to Be

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Growing up Catholic and in a close family has grounded me and has helped me to become the well-rounded person I am today.  We always went to church on Sundays and we were always together for birthdays, holidays, and other family events. In my family, not only were our traditions important, but we were also encouraged to learn about and respect other cultures as well.  For example, through my dad’s position as a high school Spanish teacher, we participated in several multi-cultural clubs as a family. It was because of those experiences that I enjoy learning about other cultures and traditions. Education was also highly valued in our home.  My parents always encouraged me and my sister to get an education. They also encouraged extra-curricular activities. I was in student government, took dance lessons, and played softball. I want to encourage my child to pursue whatever unique dreams they may have and to raise them to feel successful just by doing their best.

Trick or Treat.jpg

When I have free time, I enjoy hiking, bike riding, swimming, and dancing.  I also love to read, listen to all types of music, and spend time with family.  Although I enjoy reading all types of genres, my favorite books are children’s books.  I enjoy reading books to my class and watching as they get excited about and involved in the story.  They will sometimes even clap after the story and ask if there is a similar book or sequel.

I enjoy listening to music when I’m at the gym, however, when I’m hiking, I turn off all technology and just listen to the sounds of nature.  It’s amazing what you can hear if you just stop and listen.

Family time is the best.  We always get together for birthdays and holidays, but the best times are when I take my dog and we visit my parents just to say hi and hang out.  Holidays are always a special time in our family. Halloween is a fun time for me because the teachers at my school always participate in “Trunk or Treat.”  It’s such a fun time to decorate the back of your car or truck, dress up, and pass out candy on the playground at my school. I’m usually a ladybug, although one year I was a fairy and we did a Disney theme.  It’s a lot of fun with games and music too. The teachers even bring their children as well. At Thanksgiving we always make turkey with all the trimmings at home and watch the Thanksgiving parade. The smell of the house is amazing with all the yummy food cooking in the oven and on the stove.  Christmas wouldn’t be the same without baking cookies and making rice balls. Rice balls are an Italian tradition from my mom’s side of the family. In fact, we make homemade lasagna and antipasti for Christmas Eve.

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As a child I loved Easter! We always got an Easter basket, looked for the hidden Easter eggs, then got dressed up to go to church.  We continue this tradition with the children in our family today. My best friend that I grew up with always brings the games to play after we eat the holiday meals.  It’s so much fun and there is so much laughing and friendly competition that we don’t want it to end. My favorite memories as a child were spending holidays together and I look forward to having my child experience the same and create special memories that last forever.

What I Hope to Offer a Child

I have chosen the path of open adoption because I believe it’s important for every child to know that they are loved.  What better gift to give a child than the knowledge that their birthparent(s) made a loving choice by choosing open adoption.  My promise to you is that your baby will always know that you made this decision with love and I look forward to creating a plan for future contact that extends throughout the years and honors this immense choice you are making.

Thoughts on Adoption (closing)

I’m excited to bring a child into my life so that I can share my joy and laughter.  I’ve learned to rely on my faith, family, friends, and to also ask for help. Being a teacher and baby sitter to my cousins when they were young feels like I’ve been in training to be a Mom or over 30 years.  I’m often told by the people who know me best that I will be a wonderful parent, and I already know that it will be the most important thing I ever do.

This is only a snapshot of my life and I would love the opportunity to speak with you so that we can feel that “click” and both know that we’ve made that lifetime connection.  

Making an adoption plan takes a great amount of courage.  You must be brave to have courage and you must have faith to be brave.  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for your consideration.  I wish you peace and a sense of calm with your decision.