Tiffany + Chris

Tiffany + Chris


Dear Friend,

We cannot imagine the pain and strength that has brought you here. This story begins with loss. We are so, so sorry it starts here. We trust that God uses today and each tomorrow to bring hope and healing; and with His grace, there are new beginnings and peace. We look forward to learning about you and the journey that brought you here. Thank you for choosing life, for your bravery and determination. Whatever decision you make, we are praying for you.


Chris & Tiffany


Fun Facts:

● Married 11 years

● Live in Southern California

● Have a sweet pup named Penny

● Love to travel

● Collect books, records & coffee mugs

Our Story:

We met in 3rd grade when Chris transferred to my elementary school. He used to tease me on the playground, back when girls had “cooties”. We became friends in high school, attending school and church events with the same group, but didn't start dating until our junior year of college. By that time, I was attending college in Los Angeles and Chris was finishing his degree in New York. We fell in love, survived a long-distance engagement and in August 2008, promised forever.


We have always wanted to be parents. When I (Tiffany) was little, I used to say all I wanted to be was a wife and mommy when I grew up. Unfortunately, the road to parenthood has not been easy or quick. We tried for years to get pregnant, sought medical help and were left with only questions. When we were engaged, we talked about adopting. I admit, we had a very rosy view of how and when this would all happen...but God’s ways are not our ways and our plans are so limited.

Through time, tears and His grace, we have learned more about ourselves and God’s character, prepared better for parenthood and sought out adoption stories, podcasts, books, advice and groups. Our rosy view has become more grounded - we understand more of the complexities of adoption, the emotional risk, the uncertainty. We don’t know what the future looks like, but we will choose adoption today and tomorrow and the next day.

About Chris:

At 34 years old, I am currently the Director of Data Science at a software company and teach computer programming part-time at a university. I have always been fascinated by technology. It has such an impact on the world and society, and I love that I get to contribute to that space. I plan on pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science to further my career in the near future. In my earlier years, I was a professional musician, playing trumpet and living in New York City. I will always have a love of that city and for music. It is there that I developed my fascination with artists like The Punch Brothers, Brad Mehldau, and Bill Evans.

I am an avid reader who loves board games, video games, camping, movies and relaxing with friends and family. My immediate family consists of my mom and dad (married 35 years) and younger brother. We have a passion for movies and love to discuss our latest cinematic experiences. We enjoy a good meal, getting together to celebrate milestones and are always looking for fun things to do together. I am a naturally curious person who is constantly pursuing new experiences like trying sea slug in Seattle or sailing the San Juan Islands.

Why Chris is My Favorite:

Chris is my best friend. He's my confidant, sounding board, cheerleader and life's companion. He believes the best in me and inspires me to pursue great things. He is loyal, intelligent, loving, humorous and kind. He has maintained friendships from childhood, across states and through different seasons in life. He loves learning, whether through books, talking to experts or continuing his education. He treats me with respect, laughs with me, holds me when I cry and shows me love every day. He is my happy thought and safe place.

About Tiffany:


I am a planner, dreamer, dog person, seasonal decorator and paper crafter. I believe in celebrating people and birthday month. I have an affinity for old books, vintage teacups, fresh flowers and hand-made decor. I love exploring new walks with our dog, eating anything chocolate, having people over for parties or dinner, rewatching favorite TV shows, relaxing with a hot cup of earl grey tea and adding new plants to my garden. One day, I hope to have a pet goat (or 5), go on an Alaskan cruise to cuddle sled dog puppies and travel to Ethiopia, Africa where my mom grew up.


Currently, I am 33 years old and the office manager for an accounting firm, though I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English. While in college, I spent a semester in England with a couple friends. We trekked all over the country and visited France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales and Monaco. It was an experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad my family encouraged me to go. My parents have been married for 39 years. They and my younger sister live about 30 minutes away and we enjoy wandering around gardens, going to the fair every summer and spending holidays together.

Why Tiffany is the Bee’s Knees:

Tiffany has so many qualities that I can honestly say I adore. She is immensely loving and caring. She has a heart for those in need that inspires me to be a better person. She is warm and inviting to anyone she meets, and genuinely interested in people, in a way that I marvel at. She is intelligent and nerdier than she realizes most of the time. She is moral and uplifting and can hold her ground and do what is right.

A Pair of Shoes:

Because we both work full time, we try to be purposeful about our time together. We plan date nights at new restaurants, go to local museums, catch the latest Marvel or Pixar movie or use our passes at Universal Studios. When our favorite artists come into town, we try to catch them in concert or hear the Pacific Symphony accompany an outdoor movie. We’re big believers in exploring our own backyards. There’s a hiking trail 10 minutes from our house that is filled with local plants, a stream and tons of lizards for Penny to chase. Whenever possible, we take her on adventures with us, including road trips, garden stores and dog-friendly restaurants.


We also love - and need - down time. Most weekends begin with records playing, hot coffee and tea and reading books on the couch. When there’s nothing interesting in theaters, we opt to rent and stream at home or catch up on shows together. Rather than always going out, we invite people over. We enjoy hosting parties, events and dinners at our house. We’ve had game nights, Valentine’s brunches, baby and bridal showers, Halloween parties, birthdays and BBQs with friends and family alike.


As our family grows from 2 to 2+, we want to keep traveling, experiencing places near and far together. We hope to inspire a passion for reading and learning, starting with the childrens’ library we’ve been building for years. We plan to pass on a love of living creatures, both large and small, starting with our furry friend at home. We will teach respect for others, starting with respect for family, including birth, extended and honorary family members. Above all, we will emulate love as best we can - love for ourselves, love for people, love for Earth, love for adventure, love for God. We will apologize when we fall short and forgive when we are hurt.

Thank you:


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We can’t imagine all the thoughts, emotions and questions you have right now. We hope you know, you are loved. You are being prayed for, by us, our families and friends. May the peace of God, which goes above and beyond mere humanity, be with you now and always.

With love,

Chris and Tiffany