Veronica & Ernesto

Veronica & Ernesto

Dear Birth Parent(s):


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to learn about us during a time we imagine is one of the most challenging in your life.  We hope that by giving you a glimpse into our lives, our values and what makes our home a loving place for your child will bring about some comfort in your decision. 

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Our names are Veronica and Ernesto.  We are both the eldest of three children (from our respective families) and are first generation Mexican American.  We have two cats, Roxy and Mimi whom are much loved. They are sisters and have been part of our family for 14 years. Veronica was born in Northern California, raised by two loving parents. She had a happy childhood full of weekly family gatherings. During middle school, her family moved to Southern California where they still live. She is very close to her parents, two younger siblings, godchildren, and her extended family. Ernesto is an integral part of her family and has developed his own special bond to each of Veronica’s family members. When she is not with Ernesto or her family, Veronica enjoys “do it yourself” projects, such as painting, yoga, kickboxing, spending time with friends and snuggling with a good book.  In anticipation to having a child in our home we have begun a children’s library, that includes educational and bedtime stories.

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Ernesto was born and raised in Southern California.  His home was structured and supportive. His family included his parents, two younger brothers, and extended family with whom he shared many pleasant moments. During his childhood, he was actively engaged in school, including boy scouts and the school band.  He also remains connected with his family, despite his parent’s divorce during his early adulthood. Ernesto loves deep sea ocean fishing and jumps at the chance of going fishing with friends and family.  He is also a “movie buff,” loves to joke, make other’s laugh, and enjoys several aquatic activities, such as snorkeling and swimming. He is excited to teach our child how to swim, enjoy the outdoors, and if interested learn to fish.   


As a couple we enjoy participating in each other’s favorite past times. We love the beach and the feeling of peace we find being with nature. Together, we enjoy activities such as bicycling, walks at the pier, going to the movies, taking “staycations” (stay at home vacations), and spending time with our friends. We tend to spend holidays and birthdays with our families and friends. We get excited thinking of how we will share traditions and celebrations with our child.  Most of all we embrace and value the time we spend together. After 14 years of marriage we are still best friends and very much in love.    

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How we met is as memorable as the life we have lived. We met after graduating from college. The fireworks went off in 1998 Independence Day weekend getaway; days later we began dating and never let go. In the fall of 2000, Veronica began her Doctorate in Psychology while living in California while Ernesto went off to Medical school in Chicago. We had long distance relationship, yet through it all, we remained committed. In 2004, we got married and lived in Chicago for a few years. We both completed our higher education and are blessed with rewarding careers helping communities increase access to medical and mental health services.   


We had always dreamed of being parents. We thought we’d have time to plan our family after completing our education but were unable to have any children of our own. Despite life challenges the commitment and love we have for one another has only grown.  God (we are Roman Catholics) has provided blessings and strength to have a wonderful life. Adoption became and continues being a natural step for us. We have built a beautiful marriage and life together that we wish to someday share with a baby girl.  Know with your heart, that if you chose us she will be loved unconditionally by us, our family and surrounding friends.  

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We hope you can envision that we created a marriage that is grounded in love, faith, commitment, and resilience. Our profound wish is to share our love, experience, and blessings with a baby girl so that she will blossom into a wonderful person.  We intend to provide guidance, protection and unconditional love so that she can become the best human being possible; all the while knowing she is loved in this world.  Thank you again for considering us, reading our letter, and giving us an opportunity to tell you about us.  We hope to hear and learn about you.  


Ernesto & Veronica Campos