At FAMILYBUILDING, A Professional Law Corporation, we are dedicated to helping birth mothers, adoptive parents, guardians and any other person seeking to bring stability to a child’s life. Our mission is to bring encouragement and guidance to all those engaged in this worthy process. We thrive on helping birth mothers find the right home for their child and to guide couples through the process of adopting children.

Our goal is to see children be strategically placed in the home they were predestined for, including orphans and even adults.

We guide clients through the adoption process including Adult, Private/Independent, Agency Step Parent and Relative and Foster Parent Adoption.

We serve as a resource to birth parents at no charge, to help them understand the adoption process and creating an adoption plan. They can choose to be as involved in the selection of an adoptive family and create an adoption plan as they wish. Our goal is to honor and encourage them while they construct a successful plan for their child.

Mr. Youmans is the principal attorney at FAMILYBUILDING, while his wife, Sheryl, serves as office manager and leads the birth mother support services team. The lawyers who serve at FAMILYBUILDING are part of the team because of their specific desire and calling to see the miracles of adoption affect the child, family, and birth parents in amazing ways.

We understand the challenges prospective birth mothers are facing and we want to do all we can to help ease your burden:

  • We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to talk to you, answer your questions and help you understand your options.

  • We will meet you at FAMILYBUILDING, in your home, or in the hospital, if need be.

  • We do not charge birth mothers anything for our services and we have a network of resources to help you.

  • Birth mothers can receive reasonable birth-related expenses after they have chosen adoptive parents to provide a stable home for their child.

  • You can be as involved as you want in the selection of your child’s adoptive family.

  • We have many carefully screened couples who are ready and able to provide your baby with a good home.