Shannon M. Franck

Shannon M. Franck is a Southwestern Law School graduate. Shannon graduated in the top ten percent of her class and was admitted to the California Bar. During her attendance at Southwestern Law School, Shannon was a staff member and an associate editor of the Law Review. She was a member of the Environmental Law Society and chaired and organized the First Annual Environmental Law Society Earth Day which was a huge success in sharing with the community environmentally friendly organizations, interests, and food establishments in the Los Angeles area.

Additionally while at Southwestern, Shannon had the opportunity to intern at the Alliance for Children’s Rights where she advocated at administrative hearings for children in the foster care system to receive benefits they are entitled to due to severe emotional, behavioral or physical disabilities. Shannon also interned for the Honorable Amy M. Pellman at Edelman Children’s Court where she experienced the foster care and dependency system first hand. Working with Judge Pellman gave Shannon insight to the court’s role in the dependency system and she observed the court offering services in an attempt to reunite families. This provided several opportunities for Shannon to witness the extraordinary value and importance of the adoptive court system, such as when parents were unable to reunite with their children due to a myriad of hardships, foster parents were able to adopt their foster children and provide a stable home they would have otherwise never known. Shannon was moved during the course of this internship, and is now passionately committed to help build families through the process of adoption, thereby removing children out of crisis and into stable, loving, and permanent homes. During this sometimes difficult process, she also maintains compassion and the utmost care for both the adoptive and birth parents.

Shannon is married to James Franck. She enjoys a regular yoga practice where she balances mind, body and spirit and chooses a conscious way of living. She also enjoys knitting because it allows her to be creative and produce handmade gifts which she knows her friends and family will cherish. Similarly, she enjoys baking and cake decorating with her mom. Shannon loves the challenges the arts of yoga, knitting, and baking provide because they are a simple way to remind her that with hard work and dedication we can overcome any obstacle or challenge.