Foster Care Adoption Services

Children placed in foster care are coming from a crisis situation and one in which the birth parents are not choosing a placement. They have been removed by the government from the parents’ home for reasons that include abuse, neglect by a parent or a death of a parent. Some of these children have never experienced a stable, loving and secure family life.

At FAMILYBUILDING, we provide foster care parents with guidance related to foster care adoption, special needs foster children and dealing with Child Protective Services. We have helped a significant number of foster families adopt their foster children into loving and stable homes.

Lawyer Ted R. Youmans and his wife, Sheryl Youmans at FAMILYBUILDING, did not set out to become foster parents. They had their own children when a close relative died suddenly leaving a child exposed to the foster care system. This was the first foster care-type relationship for the Youmans and a confirmation of a lifelong commitment to helping children in need of stable, loving homes through foster care, fost-adopt programs and private adoption.

Fost-Adopt Plans

Foster Parents may go into foster care as a “concurrent planning” home so they would adopt that child if the birth parent’s rights are terminated. Attorney Ted Youmans has more than 22 years of experience in guiding foster parents through the legal process of adopting a foster child.

Foster Parent Adoption is virtually a no-cost way to adopt! Aid for Adoptive Parents in the form of Adoption Assistance is also provided allowing adoptive parents to continue to receive benefits until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Long Term Foster Care or Guardianship

Sometimes, the best solution for a foster child is not adoption, but long term foster care or guardianship. Foster parents may need the support of state services or choose not to adopt for other reasons. An experienced attorney can help you determine what the best course of action is for your unique situation.