A Lawyer Helping Families With Step Parent Adoption

In a step parent adoption, the step parent is recognized as having the same rights and responsibilities toward the child that the biological parent has. When this happens, the rights of a birth parent are legally terminated and substituted by the step parent. At FAMILYBUILDING, A Professional Law Corporation, we regularly advise step parents and their spouses on issues related to adopting a step child.

Step-parents and biological parents often have concerns that include:

  • Will the absent biological parent give consent to the adoption?

  • How much will adoption cost?

  • What if the biological parent dies before the step-parent adoption occurs? Will the child be taken away from the step parent?

  • Is there a need for any litigation and what will it cost?

Step Parent Adoption Is Increasingly Common

Generally, adoption of your spouse’s child is an inexpensive, relatively simple process. It is becoming increasingly common as parents divorce and re-marry.

Adult Adoption of a Step Child

For adoption to take place, the birth parent must consent to a termination of parental rights and agree to the adoption. This can become an issue if the consent cannot be secured. Attorney Ted R. Youmans can advocate on your behalf for the termination of rights or step parents have waited until the child is an adult, who can then freely choose to be adopted by the step parent – adult adoption.

Working Out Agreements With Birth Parents

Sometimes finding the birth parent in order to obtain consent may raise issues, but with the right approach they can be resolved. We have handled many situations where agreements with birth fathers who were initially reluctant to consent rights have been worked out. We work to help them see that the adoption is in the best interest of their child.

We will sit down with you during and help you decide whether a step-parent adoption is advisable in your particular situation.