Adrienne & Dan

Adrienne & Dan



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We are Dan and Adrienne. Thank you for choosing life for your child and thank you for considering us as parents for your precious little one. 

We met at a Bible study for college students while we were both students at CSU Northridge where Dan studied Computer Science and Adrienne studied Linguistics.  It was love at first sight. A year and many Starbucks dates later, Dan proposed to Adrienne, who was so excited she forgot to say, "Yes!" We married and 15 years later, we marvel at God’s goodness to us individually and as a couple!

Dan loves God, his family, and the outdoors. Having spent his mid-childhood in Utah, his perfect vacation is exploring a National Park. Most recently we went to Grand Canyon and it was amazing! In his more day-to-day spare time he enjoys riding his bike and playing video games. He has worked at the same tech company for over a decade and has recently enrolled in a local seminary where his favorite classes are Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament.

Adrienne’s favorite book of the Bible is Romans. From a very young age she has wanted to foster and adopt, and that desire has increased with knowledge of how God adopts us as sons and daughters in His family. She loves her job as a stay-at-home mom, good mochas, great books, and getting to travel to visit family and friends near and far. Her favorite cities, besides home, are London and Washington D.C.


Why adoption? We have always been open to whatever children God brings to our family. Just a little tidbit, Dan was adopted when he was 2 ½ so adoption is especially close to his heart. We have been blessed with four beautiful biological children ages 7 to 12. God has not allowed us to have any more since our twins were born a few years ago. However, we know that we have so much love and joy in our home to share, with still so much room for more little people. Our children keep on asking when we can have another child to add to our family.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We pray every day for the child that God has for our family and we long to meet him or her.

Dan and Adrienne :)