It is strange to be writing a letter to someone we have not yet met. But in truth you are the most important person we could be writing to. We know that the road ahead is one of the hardest decisions any mother or family can make. It is filled with a lot of soul searching and faith. Just know that you are not alone.

So we are Eric and Erin or “The Ducky Family”. Why Ducky Family? Well when we started dating Eric gave Erin a rubber duck and it just grew from there. So much so that we had a rubber ducky themed wedding. And now any where we go or our family we look for a rubber duck with the name of the place that was visited.


As high school sweet hearts we have grown together & supported one another though many challenges. We have always wanted a family of our own. When we found out about our infertility issues we were devastated. We went through many infertility treatments & 1 loss. It broke our hearts & we knew that God had another path for us as parents. Thought this journey we have had so much support from our friend & family & know that this was what was meant to be.

We are both Catholic. Eric was born & raised. Erin was baptized & then went through the RCIA. Before we got married we had a break with the Church. We did have our marriage blessed & so we say we have been married twice. When we miscarried, Erin needed help &found a community that was so open & welcomed us back to the Church. Erin is in the Choir & Eric does the audio for the Church.

Eric is a Print Manager for a local photography company. His parents live close & we see them bi-weekly. His dad is very active in his community in the church & boy scouting. He has two half siblings who are older & do not live close to us. Both are married but no kids. Eric is an Eagle Scott & loves to read & craft.  

Erin is a Projects Coordinator for a Trade Show Company. Erin has the larger extended family. Her parents divorced & re-married. She has 3 sisters & 2 brothers. Erin is very connected to her mother’s parents, who are still living at ages 93 and 88. Over the years Erin has taken the roll of coordinating her family for her grandmother. She loves to knit and learning about her & Eric’s genealogy. Webby is the newest member to our family. She has brightened our hearts. She is a goofy little girl that just loves to cuddle.

Erin & Eric

Erin & Eric

Our family is ever hopeful that we will find the right match. We know that there is a little angel is out there who needs us just as much as we need them. We live a simple life, but one spent with family who can’t wait to share in the joy.

No matter where your path takes you, know that you are not alone.

With hope,

Eric, Erin & Webby