Vanessa & Aric

Vanessa & Aric

Dear Birth Mother,


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We understand that this could be a heavy choice on your heart to place your unborn child into the home of a stranger. As parents it is so hard to make decisions for our children even before they are born. It is our prayer that the Lord gives peace over your mind and heart; as He guides you in the process of choosing just the right family to meet your child's needs and provide all the love in the world that they deserve.



Aric and I met in January of 2001 and have been married for 16 years. While we were dating I knew that he was the one for me because of his laid-back personality and my ability to talk to him about anything without him passing judgment. Both of us were in poor circumstances at the time we met and we worked hard together to build our life and home that we have now.

Sometimes we joke together and laugh so hard tears are streaming from both our eyes and we can barely catch our breath. We have been through much together to get where we are today and along the way have taken solace in humor of the world around us. He used to occasionally bring me flowers, until one day about 6 years ago he made me a garden in our beautiful new home located in Fullerton, California. This is a small demonstration of the loving, kind-hearted and skillful character of Aric.


My husband has been working in the software and web development industry for the last 20 years as both a hobby as well as a career. Aric is currently a Senior Software Developer for a company in Aliso Viejo. He has always wanted to be a family man and has successfully been able to balance his work life and home life in order to be a loving hands-on father. It is something I have always loved and admired about him. At the end of each day he always takes time with his children. He devotes his weekends to learning, building, playing and doing planned activities with our three children. Most of his Vacation days are used to do field trip and family outings. One of my favorite moments that he shares with our children is when they cook alongside him using Radish Kit Culinary boxes.

He takes the time to take them shopping and to go through each step with them. Every moment that he spends with them he makes sure to focus on teaching them and letting them develop their skills and their own personalities. He has conversations with them all the time, usually questions they have pertaining to science, engineering and current events.

When he is not spending time with me and our children he is usually hiding in the garage inventing little robots and various other things. He is a Mad Scientist at times and prefers the garage to be called the laboratory. It is a dream of his to one day own his own robotics teaching skills business and work with children on a technological basis. In the meantime, I am so very grateful that he works hard to provide more than enough for our family; in so allowing me to stay at home with our beautiful children full-time.



When Vanessa and I first met there were quite a few things that stood out to me about her. She was unique- different, determined as well as extremely creative and goal orientated. Her spontaneous creativity combined with her great ability to logistically plan out activities has been able to create lasting family memories. Her personality balances out mine in this sense and has allowed our family to thrive and have fun. With her complementary personality we have grown together to create a family philosophy that we both share and appreciate in one another-learning and growing. We have been able to utilize the best of both of our personalities to create an environment that is filled with fun, lots of learning and compassion towards our children.

Both of us did not thrive well in public school and we determined early in our relationship that Vanessa’s wonderful teaching and creative skills would be an asset to our family. My wife has always been wonderful with children- she loves them and loves seeing them grow. She loves being involved with children and loves to homeschool our children. Vanessa does not just homeschool our children but rather she gives our children a homeschool experience. She brings a level of fun to learning and she coordinates field trips and activities for our children to go to throughout the school year. Whether she is teaching them in the school room, walking them to library club or encouraging the children to make friends at park days she is focused on loving them and providing the best for them. She is truly dedicated to all of us both the kids and me.


Our Family


We currently have a 12-year-old daughter Morgan, a 10-year-old son Micah and 2-year-old daughter Clara. We also have a small dog named Mia and a Siamese cat named Luke. For Aric and I all children should be loved, guided and encouraged. We both love teaching our children in a homeschool style environment. We currently attend a Methodist church and believe that God should be in our home every day of the week through all we explore and learn. Our oldest Morgan is artistic, thinks of others, and is on a mission to make a perfect bow and arrow out of the elements she finds in parks. Our middle child Micah has an amazing imagination as well as big heart. He is going to invent ways to help the environment one day. Our youngest Clara is a big ball of sunshine and makes everyone who meets her smile!

With all our children, giving birth has been difficult for Vanessa as she suffers from hyperemesis during pregnancy. We have a desire to have another child in our life but feel getting pregnant would be selfish as it would pull her away from mothering our other children. We know that there are so many children out there that are in need of a loving home and are hoping to be blessed by one of them. Our children love the thought of having another baby and it would be nice to see our youngest have another sibling close in age. We absolutely love being a mom and dad and cherish all of our children in their unique gifts.


For Aric, growing up he had a great time learning and doing various activities with his father and wanted to emulate that in his own life. For Vanessa, growing up was challenging and the desire to raise children who feel loved and nurtured is strong. The kids are the center of our world so to speak. We would love an opportunity to extend that love to another child as so many are out there in the world in need of a loving home. The kids are equally excited to have another sibling in their lives. We have been praying for God's love and guidance through this process and ask for your prayers as well.

Thank you again for your consideration,

Aric and Vanessa